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Montana Paddle Report

Whitewater Conditions

Location State Status Streamflow (cfs) Gage Height (ft)
Bear Creek To Essex
Montana Too Low 785 6
Beartrap Canyon Madison Dam To Route 84
Montana Too Low 779 2
Bible Run
Montana Too Low 94 2
Big Creek To Glacier Rim
Montana Runnable 3010 6
Border To Polebridge
Montana Runnable 1350 5
Camp Baker To Eden Bridge
Montana Too Low 83 3
Essex To Moccasin Creek
Montana Too Low 785 6
Gardiner Town Run
Montana Too Low 646 1
Glacier Rim To Blankenship Bridge And Confluence
Montana Runnable 3010 6
Missoula Town Run
Montana Runnable 720 2
Moose To Storm Castle
Montana Too Low 246 1
Polebridge To Big Creek
Montana Runnable 3010 6
Yankee Jim Canyon Joe Brown To Miner
Montana Too Low 646 1
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