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Indiana Points of Interest

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Indiana Points of Interest

When planning a road trip through Indiana, there are several must-see destinations that should be on your list. One of the most iconic sites in the state is the Indiana Dunes National Park, located along the southern shore of Lake Michigan. This stunning natural wonder features miles of sandy beaches, towering sand dunes, and diverse ecosystems that are perfect for hiking, birdwatching, and picnicking. The park also offers breathtaking views of the lake and the Chicago skyline in the distance, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

Another must-see destination in Indiana is the historic town of French Lick, home to the famous French Lick Resort and Casino. This charming town is steeped in history, with grand Victorian architecture, a scenic railway, and a variety of outdoor activities such as golfing, horseback riding, and hiking. Visitors can also explore the nearby Hoosier National Forest, which offers over 200 miles of hiking trails and stunning overlooks of the rolling hills and forests of southern Indiana. Whether you're looking for outdoor adventure or a relaxing getaway, Indiana has something for everyone to enjoy.

Location State Elevation
Bailly Chellburg
Indiana 617 ft
Boone Creek Barrens
Indiana 414 ft
Buzzard Roost Recreation Area
Indiana 414 ft
Clover Lick Barrens
Indiana 414 ft
Dorothy Buell Memorial
Indiana 617 ft
Indiana Dunes Visitor Center
Indiana 617 ft
Inland Marsh Overlook
Indiana 606 ft
Maines Pond
Indiana 564 ft
Paul H Douglas Center For Environmental Education
Indiana 606 ft
Pioneer Mothers Memorial Forest
Indiana 617 ft
West Beach
Indiana 606 ft

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