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Located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Windigo Visitor Center is an excellent point of interest for travelers exploring Tennessee's natural beauty. This center serves as the park's primary visitor information and education center and offers a range of exhibits, interactive displays, and educational programs.

One of the unique things visitors can see at the Windigo Visitor Center is the park's cultural and natural history exhibits. These exhibits showcase the Great Smoky Mountains' diverse flora and fauna, historic buildings, and the history and culture of the southern Appalachian people.

Another reason to visit is the chance to learn about the park's ongoing conservation efforts and how visitors can play a role in protecting the Smokies. The center also offers ranger-led programs, including guided hikes and wildlife-viewing tours.

Visitors can also obtain information about the trails, campgrounds, and other recreational opportunities available in the park. Additionally, the center has a bookstore where visitors can purchase educational materials, maps, and souvenirs.

Overall, the Windigo Visitor Center is an essential stop for anyone interested in experiencing the beauty and diversity of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park while learning about its history, culture, and conservation efforts.

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