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Vermont Points of Interest

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Vermont Points of Interest

Vermont is a state that is brimming with natural beauty and historical charm, making it the perfect destination for a road trip or a long weekend getaway. One must-see destination in Vermont is the Bennington Battle Monument, which stands tall at 306 feet and offers stunning views of the surrounding Green Mountains. This monument commemorates the Battle of Bennington during the American Revolutionary War and serves as a reminder of Vermont's rich history.

For those looking to immerse themselves in Vermont's cultural heritage, a visit to the Shelburne Museum is a must. This unique museum features 39 exhibition buildings filled with art, Americana, and artifacts that showcase Vermont's history and craftsmanship. Another must-see destination is the Quechee Gorge, often referred to as the "Grand Canyon of the East." This breathtaking natural wonder offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and stunning views of the Ottauquechee River flowing through the gorge. Whether you're a history buff, an art enthusiast, or a nature lover, Vermont has something for everyone to enjoy on their next road trip or weekend getaway.

Location State Elevation
Big Branch Overlook
Vermont 544 ft
Mt Horrid And The Great Cliff
Vermont 489 ft

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