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California Upper Stanislaus Watershed


June 6 2023

-16 acre-ft

None% today
None% of Normal Very Low

Water storage levels at Donnells are currently -16 acre-ft, about None% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately 59,853.63acre-ft.

Maximum recorded Storage since record keeping began in 2003 was 2006-07-13 when levels reached 64,801 acre-ft. Lowest recorded Storage was 2023-05-01 when levels receded to 21 acre-ft.

Donnell Lake in California is a hydroelectric reservoir that was created in the 1950s. The lake is fed by the Middle Fork Stanislaus River, and its primary purpose is to provide water storage for hydropower generation. The surrounding area is also home to several creeks and streams that contribute to the area's hydrology. In terms of surface flow, Donnell Lake is a significant provider of water for the surrounding areas, particularly during the dry summer months. The area also receives a significant amount of snowpack during the winter, which also contributes to the region's hydrology. While the primary use of Donnell Lake is for hydropower generation, it also supports various agricultural and recreational activities. Farmers in the area use the water for irrigation, and the lake is a popular spot for boating and fishing.

Geolocation -119.960, 38.329
Elevation 4,835 ft
Storage 24hr Change None%
Percent of Normal None%
Minimum 21 acre-ft
Maximum 64,801 acre-ft
Average 59,854 acre-ft


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