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Platoro Reservoir is located in southern Colorado and was completed in 1951. It has a capacity of 42,000 acre-feet and is fed by the Conejos River, which originates in the San Juan Mountains. The reservoir is used for irrigation and hydroelectric power generation, providing water to downstream agricultural communities. The area around Platoro Reservoir is also popular for recreational activities like fishing, camping, and hiking. The reservoir is fed by snowmelt and precipitation, and snowpack in the San Juan Mountains is a major contributor to its water levels. The reservoir is managed by the Conejos Water Conservancy District, which works to maintain water quality and ensure sustainable use of the resource for the surrounding communities.

July 20, 2024







Storage 24hr Change -0.11%
Percent of Normal 123%
Minimum 7,496.7 acre-ft
Maximum 52,164 acre-ft
Average 28,832 acre-ft

Regional Streamflow


Cubic Feet Per Second


Cubic Feet Per Second


Cubic Feet Per Second


Cubic Feet Per Second

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