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Georgia Lower Chattahoochee Watershed

Chattahoochee River Near Columbia

June 9 2023

77 ft

-1.13% today
98% of Normal Normal

Water gage height, ft levels at Chattahoochee River Near Columbia are currently 77 ft, about 98% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately 79.79ft.

Maximum recorded Gage height, ft since record keeping began in 2007 was 2015-12-28 when levels reached 120.65 ft. Lowest recorded Gage height, ft was 2021-08-09 when levels receded to 76.05 ft.

The Chattahoochee River near Columbia, AL in Georgia is a historically significant river that has played an important role in the development of the region. The river has a hydrology that is affected by several factors, including the amount of precipitation, the surface flow, and snowpack providers. The river has several specific surface flow providers, including the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, the Chattahoochee River Greenway Trail, and the Chattahoochee River Park. The river is also home to several snowpack providers, including the Appalachian Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Chattahoochee River near Columbia, AL is used for agricultural and recreational purposes, including fishing, camping, and boating.

Geolocation -85.111, 31.259
Elevation 98.4 ft
Gage Height, Ft 24hr Change -1.13%
Percent of Normal 98%
Minimum 76.05 ft
Maximum 120.65 ft
Average 80 ft
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Chattahoochee River Near Columbia
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Chattahoochee River Near Columbia


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Chattahoochee River Near Columbia

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