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Hiwassee River

Apache Trout Brook Trout Kelp Bass and 1 more species

The Hiwassee River in Tennessee is a popular fishing destination for anglers looking to catch trout and smallmouth bass. The river is known for its clear water and scenic surroundings, making it a great place to spend a day on the water.

Trout fishing is particularly prevalent in the Hiwassee River, with rainbow, brown, and brook trout all present in the river. For smallmouth bass, the best fishing spots are typically found in the lower section of the river.

Aside from fishing, there are many other activities to enjoy in the area, including hiking, camping, and kayaking. The Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge and Cherokee National Forest are both nearby, offering ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

When it comes to fishing tips, anglers should focus on using small, lightweight lures and flies. The river can be quite shallow in some areas, so it's important to pay attention to water depth and structure.

The best time of year to visit the Hiwassee River for fishing is during the fall and winter months, when water levels are typically lower and fish are more active. The average temperatures during this time of year range from the mid-40s to the mid-60s, making it a comfortable time to be out on the water. Get driving directions.

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The apache trout is considered to be critically endangered by the IUCN.

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The brook trout is one of the most popular game fishes in northeastern North America.

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The kelp bass, a member of a large group of seabasses, which inhabit the eastern Pacific, is a robust fish ...

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There is no doubt that the smallmouth bass rivals the largemouth in popularity.