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Upper Red Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Minnesota and is located near Waskish. The lake was formed during the last glacial period and has a total surface area of 288 square miles. It is fed by several rivers and streams, including the Tamarac River and the Blackduck River. The lake is known for its excellent fishing, especially for walleye, and is also popular for recreational activities such as boating and ice fishing.

The hydrology of Upper Red Lake is influenced by its large catchment area and the surrounding topography. The lake has a shallow basin that is prone to fluctuating water levels, which can be affected by precipitation, evaporation, and human activities such as damming and dredging.

Snowmelt and precipitation are the primary sources of surface flow to Upper Red Lake. The lake also receives water from groundwater seepage and runoff from agricultural lands in the surrounding area. However, agricultural activities have been limited due to the potential for runoff contamination and negative impacts on water quality.

Overall, Upper Red Lake is a valuable natural resource for the local community and provides important habitat for fish and wildlife. However, ongoing efforts are needed to monitor and manage the lake's hydrology and water quality to ensure its continued health and productivity.

June 14, 2024







Gage Height, Ft 24hr Change 0.01%
Percent of Normal 100%
Minimum 70.95 ft
Maximum 77.95 ft
Average 75 ft

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