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Texas Buffalo-San Jacinto Watershed

Addicks Res Nr Addicks

June 2 2023


-0.92% today
1% of Normal Very Low

Water levels at Addicks Res Nr Addicks are currently 67 , about 1% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately 10,632.9.

Maximum recorded since record keeping began in 2007 was 2021-11-30 when levels reached 279,700 . Lowest recorded was 2007-10-14 when levels receded to 0.43 .

Addicks Reservoir, located in Texas, was built in 1948 to control flooding within the Buffalo Bayou watershed. The reservoir is part of a larger flood control project built by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It has a capacity of 120,000 acre-feet and covers an area of about 2,200 acres. The reservoir is fed by several creeks and bayous, including Bear Creek, Horsepen Creek, Langham Creek, and South Mayde Creek. These waterways provide surface flow to the reservoir, while snowpack is not a significant contributor. The reservoir also serves as a water supply source and provides recreational opportunities such as fishing and boating. Additionally, the surrounding land is used for agricultural purposes.

Geolocation -95.625, 29.792
Elevation 84.65 ft
24hr Change -0.92%
Percent of Normal 1%
Minimum 0.43
Maximum 279,700
Average 10,633
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Addicks Res Nr Addicks


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Addicks Res Nr Addicks

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