Colorado Snow Report

June 13 2024
Active Winter Storm Warnings


June 13 2024

New snowfall across Colorado today, with Joe Wright receiving up to 2” of new snowfall, raising snowpack levels up to 4”.

Snowpack levels across the state are currently 16% of normal. The deepest snowpack in Colorado was last observed at Tower with a snowpack depth of 41”, about 79% of normal when compared to it's 52" average depth for this time of year. Nohrsc Loveland Basin, perched at an elevation of 11,470.16 ft., is currently experiencing some of the coldest temps in Colorado with air temps last recorded at 60 degrees.

More snowfall is expected this week, and areas like Upper San Juan are forecasted to receive up to 9" of snowfall in the next 5 days.




Snowpack conditions in Colorado vary across different mountain ranges. As of January 2022, the snowpack is above average in most areas, with the highest percentages in the northern and central mountains. The Upper Colorado, South Platte, and Arkansas River basins have snowpack levels above 120% of normal. The San Juan and Rio Grande basins have slightly below average snowpack.

The snow in Colorado's mountains acts as a natural reservoir, supplying water for rivers and watersheds throughout the state. Snowmelt contributes to the headwaters of major rivers such as the Colorado, Platte, Arkansas, and Rio Grande. The snowpack is crucial for agriculture, municipal water supplies, and recreational activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Colorado's winter climate is influenced by the state's high elevation and the Rocky Mountains. The mountains capture moisture from Pacific storms, resulting in significant snowfall. The state experiences a mix of cold temperatures, strong winds, and frequent snowstorms during the winter months.

Interesting facts about Colorado's snow science and history include the development of snow measurement techniques by Dr. James Church in the early 20th century. He established the Snow Research Laboratory in Silverton, where he conducted groundbreaking studies on snow physics. Colorado is also known for its snowfall records, such as the highest annual snowfall ever recorded in the United States at Silver Lake in 1978-1979, with a staggering 1,140 inches (95 feet) of snow.

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