Connecticut Snow Report

June 13 2024
Snowpack Snowfall Totals Forecasts

Connecticut SNOW REPORT

June 13 2024

More snowfall is expected this week, and areas like New Milford 5.3 Ssw are forecasted to receive up to 3" of snowfall in the next 5 days.




Connecticut's snowpack conditions vary across its mountain ranges, which include the Taconic, Berkshire, and Litchfield Hills. These ranges contribute to the state's snowfall and subsequent runoff into various rivers and watersheds. Snow is a crucial source of freshwater for Connecticut, particularly during the winter season. The snowpack influences the water supply and supports ecosystems, agriculture, and recreational activities.

Connecticut experiences a winter climate characterized by variable snowfall patterns. The coastal areas typically receive less snow due to the moderating influence of the Atlantic Ocean. In contrast, the northwest hills receive the highest snow accumulations. Snowstorms can occur from November to April, with January and February being the peak months.

Historically, Connecticut has experienced significant snowstorms, such as the Blizzard of 1888 and the Great Northeast Snowstorm of 1978. Snow science has also played a role in studying snowpack characteristics, snowmelt rates, and the impact on water resources.

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