New Mexico Snow Report

June 15 2024
Snowpack Snowfall Totals Forecasts


June 15 2024

Snowpack levels across the state are currently 21% of normal. The deepest snowpack in New Mexico was last observed at Rio Santa Barbara with a snowpack depth of 7”, about 51% of normal when compared to it's 14" average depth for this time of year. Santa Fe , perched at an elevation of 11,445 ft., is currently experiencing some of the coldest temps in New Mexico with air temps last recorded at 61 degrees.




The snowpack conditions in New Mexico vary across different mountain ranges that contribute to the state's water supply. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains, located in the northern part of the state, receive the greatest snowfall. These mountains provide snow for the Rio Grande, Pecos, and Canadian River watersheds. The Jemez Mountains and San Juan Mountains also contribute to the state's snowpack.

Winter climate characteristics in New Mexico include cold temperatures, occasional heavy snowfall, and strong winds. The snowpack typically accumulates from November to April and serves as a vital water source during the dry summer months.

Interesting facts about snow science in New Mexico include the study of snow hydrology, which helps predict snowmelt runoff and manage water resources. Furthermore, snow surveys are conducted to measure snow depth and water content, providing critical data for water resource planning.

It is important to verify the accuracy of this information across multiple sources due to the ever-changing nature of snowpack conditions and scientific research.

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