Reservoir Levels

Weather & Hydrology
Location Observation
Ute Reservoir Near Logan
New-Mexico ID 07226800
3,780 ft
Costilla Reservoir Near Costilla
New-Mexico ID 08253900
74 ft
Nambe Falls Reservoir Near Nambe
New-Mexico ID 08294200
6,823 ft
Bluewater Lake Near Bluewater
New-Mexico ID 08341400
7,383 ft
Caballo Reservoir
New Mexico ID 1094
33,450 acre-ft
Elephant Butte Reservoir
New Mexico ID 1119
282,132 acre-ft
Avalon Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2684
2,154 acre-ft
El Vado Lake
New Mexico ID 2685
1,901 acre-ft
Heron Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2686
129,914 acre-ft
Nambe Falls Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2687
1,481 acre-ft
Cochiti Lake
New Mexico ID 2696
42,950 acre-ft
Abiquiu Lake
New Mexico ID 2729
104,277 acre-ft
Santa Rosa Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2730
12,024 acre-ft
Jemez Canyon Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2744
1,368 acre-ft
Navajo Reservoir
New Mexico ID 920
1,196,502 acre-ft
Brantley Lake
New Mexico ID 937
18,178 acre-ft
Lake Sumner
New Mexico ID 943
14,520 acre-ft

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