New-Mexico Reservoirs

Water Levels Capacity Storage
June 9 2023

new-mexico Reservoir Report

June 9 2023

New Mexico has several major reservoirs and dams, including Elephant Butte, Navajo, and Conchas. These reservoirs are fed by streams, rivers, and creeks that originate in the surrounding mountains, including the Rio Grande, San Juan, and Pecos Rivers. Snowpack in these mountains plays a crucial role in providing water to the reservoirs, with the winter months typically being the most important for snow accumulation. Record low levels in several reservoirs have been observed in recent years due to prolonged drought conditions in the state, leading to water shortages for agriculture and urban areas. Seasonal trends also play a significant role in reservoir levels, with typically higher levels in the spring and summer months due to snowmelt and increased precipitation. Overall, water management and conservation are critical in New Mexico, and efforts are being made to improve infrastructure and increase storage capacity to better manage the state's water resources in the face of changing climate conditions.

Location Observation 24hr Change (%) Percent Normal (%) Elevation (ft)
Ute Reservoir Near Logan
New-Mexico ID 07226800
3,784 ft 0 100 3782.9
Costilla Reservoir Near Costilla
New-Mexico ID 08253900
95 ft 0.2 110 9409.23
Nambe Falls Reservoir Near Nambe
New-Mexico ID 08294200
6,826 ft 0 100 6798
Bluewater Lake Near Bluewater
New-Mexico ID 08341400
7,387 ft 0 100 7346
Caballo Reservoir
New Mexico ID 1094
51,226 acre-ft -0.63 54 4184
Elephant Butte Reservoir
New Mexico ID 1119
538,265 acre-ft 0.42 59 4343
Avalon Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2684
950 acre-ft -15.55 67 3160
El Vado Lake
New Mexico ID 2685
3,727 acre-ft 13.21 3 6900
Heron Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2686
133,259 acre-ft 1.55 50 7157
Nambe Falls Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2687
1,741 acre-ft 0.07 100 6305
Cochiti Lake
New Mexico ID 2696
103,978 acre-ft 0.36 149 5356
Abiquiu Lake
New Mexico ID 2729
43,852 acre-ft 0.08 29 6216
Santa Rosa Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2730
74,317 acre-ft 4.99 126 4738
Jemez Canyon Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2744
0 acre-ft None None 5123
Navajo Reservoir
New Mexico ID 920
1,323,299 acre-ft -0.1 104 6099
Brantley Lake
New Mexico ID 937
21,147 acre-ft 1.08 87 3249
Lake Sumner
New Mexico ID 943
27,660 acre-ft 10.93 106 4272

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Largest Reservoirs

By water storage capacity

The USA is home to many of the largest dams in the world, providing essential services such as water storage, hydropower generation, and flood control. Among them, Oroville Dam stands out as the tallest dam in the United States, located in northern California. Another famous dam is the Hoover Dam, located on the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada. It is a major tourist attraction and an engineering marvel of the modern era, providing hydropower and water storage for millions of people.

Other notable dams in the USA include the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona, which is the second-highest concrete arch dam in the country, and the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington, which is the largest electric power-producing facility in the USA. These dams are a critical component of the country's infrastructure, providing essential services for the economy, society, and the environment.

Reservoir Storage Capacity (acre-ft)
Elephant Butte Reservoir
New Mexico ID 1119
538,265 acre-ft
Navajo Reservoir
New Mexico ID 920
1,323,299 acre-ft

Drought Levels

By water storage capacity

The number and distribution of dams and reservoirs in the USA have been significantly impacted by climate change. The changing climate has led to changes in precipitation patterns, increased evaporation rates, and more frequent and severe droughts and floods in certain regions. These factors have influenced the management and operations of dams and reservoirs across the country.

Reservoir Storage Capacity (acre-ft) Percent of Normal (%)
Elephant Butte Reservoir
New Mexico ID 1119
538,265 acre-ft 59
Heron Reservoir
New Mexico ID 2686
133,259 acre-ft 50

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