Texas Snow Report

June 19 2024
Active Winter Storm Warnings


June 19 2024

More snowfall is expected this week, and areas like Lubbock-7Sw are forecasted to receive up to 6" of snowfall in the next 5 days.




Snowpack conditions in Texas vary depending on the specific mountain ranges that provide snow for the state. The highest peaks in Texas are found in the Guadalupe, Davis, and Chisos Mountains, where snowfall can occur during the winter months. These mountain ranges contribute to the snowpack that feeds several important runoff rivers and watersheds, such as the Rio Grande, Pecos, and Colorado Rivers.

Winter climate characteristics in Texas can be relatively mild, but occasional cold fronts can bring freezing temperatures and snowfall to higher elevations. Snow science in Texas is limited due to the state's typically warm climate, but studies have been conducted to understand the impact of snowmelt on water resources and ecosystems.

In terms of history, Texas experienced a significant snow event in February 2021, with snow covering much of the state, including areas that rarely see snowfall. This event broke numerous records and caused widespread disruptions. Overall, while snow is not a regular occurrence in Texas, its presence in certain mountain ranges can impact water resources and provide unique winter experiences.

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