United States Utah

Sanpete County

Based on the latest information available, the Sanpete County boat ramp in Utah is a concrete boat ramp that is 12 feet wide. It services the Sanpete County Reservoir, also known as the Gunnison Bend Reservoir, which is a 3,600-acre reservoir located in Sanpete County, Utah.

This boat ramp is open year-round and is accessible for most types of watercraft, including motorized boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. However, there may be regulations in place regarding the use of certain watercraft on the reservoir, such as the requirement for a boating license or the use of appropriate safety equipment.

Overall, the Sanpete County boat ramp appears to be a convenient and accessible option for those looking to launch their boats or watercraft on the Sanpete County Reservoir in Utah. Get driving directions.

Streamgauge Streamflow
Faust Creek Near Vernon
USGS 10172727
0 cfs
Currant Creek Near Mona
USGS 10146400
20 cfs
Diamond Fork Above Red Hollow
USGS 10149400
46 cfs
Spanish Fork At Castilla
USGS 10150500
120 cfs
West Canyon Creek Near Cedar Fort
USGS 10166430
0 cfs
Hobble Creek At 1650 West At Springville
USGS 10153100
29 cfs
Sixth Water Cr Ab Syar Tunnel
USGS 10149000
25 cfs

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