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South Carolina Camping Areas

Campgrounds Amenities Reservations

South Carolina Camping Destinations

Location State Elevation Reservations Toilets
105 Host
South-Carolina 66 ft
106 Host
South-Carolina 66 ft
107 Host
South-Carolina 66 ft
126 Tent
South-Carolina 66 ft
127 Tent
South-Carolina 66 ft
128 Tent
South-Carolina 66 ft
129 Tent
South-Carolina 66 ft
130 Tent
South-Carolina 66 ft
South-Carolina 66 ft
76 Host
South-Carolina 66 ft
97 Host
South-Carolina 66 ft
98 Host
South-Carolina 66 ft
Aiken State Park
South-Carolina 262 ft
Andrew Jackson State Park
South-Carolina 512 ft
Baker Creek State Park
South-Carolina 487 ft
Barnwell State Park
South-Carolina 262 ft
Bass Lake Campground
South-Carolina 30 ft
Black Forest Family Camping Resort
South-Carolina 1126 ft
Bluff Campground
South-Carolina 115 ft
Boggy Campground
South-Carolina 378 ft
Brick House
South-Carolina 547 ft
Brick House Campground
South-Carolina 317 ft
Buck Hall Recreation Area
South-Carolina 10 ft
South-Carolina 8 ft
Burrells Ford
South-Carolina 2044 ft
Calhoun Falls State Rec Area
South-Carolina 575 ft
Camp Burgess Glen Lake
South-Carolina 1126 ft
Camp Longridge
South-Carolina 299 ft
Cassidy Bridge Hunt Camp
South-Carolina 1165 ft
Charleston Afb Rv Military
South-Carolina 44 ft
Chau Ram County Park
South-Carolina 780 ft
Cheraw State Park
South-Carolina 149 ft
Cherry Hill Recreation Area
South-Carolina 1165 ft
Chester State Park
South-Carolina 464 ft
Clarks Hill Military
South-Carolina 339 ft
Colleton State Park
South-Carolina 118 ft
Collins Creek Seasonal Camp
South-Carolina 307 ft
Coneross Hartwell Lake
South-Carolina 683 ft
Croft State Natural Area
South-Carolina 724 ft
Devils Fork State Park
South-Carolina 1099 ft
Dreher Island State Rec Area
South-Carolina 366 ft
Ebenezer County Park
South-Carolina 575 ft
Edisto Beach State Park
South-Carolina 11 ft
South-Carolina 72 ft
Elmwood Recreation Area
South-Carolina 35 ft
Falcons Nest Military Shaw Afb
South-Carolina 216 ft
Faulkner Mountain Campground
South-Carolina 378 ft
Foster Creek Rv Military
South-Carolina 22 ft
Garner Creek
South-Carolina 446 ft
Garner Creek Backcountry Campsite
South-Carolina 446 ft
Givhans Ferry State Park
South-Carolina 67 ft
Guilliard Lake
South-Carolina 76 ft
H Cooper Black
South-Carolina 248 ft
Halfway Creek Trail Camp
South-Carolina 10 ft
Hamilton Branch State Park
South-Carolina 429 ft
Hawe Creek Strom Thurmond Lake
South-Carolina 385 ft
Hickory Knob State Resort Park
South-Carolina 414 ft
High Falls County Park
South-Carolina 850 ft
Honey Hill
South-Carolina 31 ft
Honey Hill Recreation Area
South-Carolina 35 ft
Hunting Island State Park
South-Carolina 10 ft
Huntington Beach State Park
South-Carolina 57 ft
James Island
South-Carolina 8 ft
Kampgrounds Of America Myrtle Beach
South-Carolina 39 ft
Keowee Toxaway State Natural Area
South-Carolina 1082 ft
Kings Mountain State Park
South-Carolina 853 ft
Lake Aire Rv Park
South-Carolina 66 ft
Lake Greenwood State Park
South-Carolina 483 ft
Lake Hartwell State Park
South-Carolina 725 ft
Lake Wateree State Rec Area
South-Carolina 245 ft
Lee Ches S Beach House
South-Carolina 39 ft
Lee State Natural Area
South-Carolina 197 ft
Leroys Ferry Strom Thurmond Lake
South-Carolina 374 ft
Lick Fork Lake
South-Carolina 491 ft
Lick Fork Lake Recreation Area
South-Carolina 224 ft
Little Pee Dee State Park
South-Carolina 93 ft
Long Bottom Ford
South-Carolina 1666 ft
Longleaf Campground
South-Carolina 115 ft
Lynches River County Park
South-Carolina 147 ft
Mile Creek County Park
South-Carolina 816 ft
Modoc Strom Thurmond Lake
South-Carolina 385 ft
Morrow Bridge And Midway Seasonal Camps
South-Carolina 398 ft
Mount Carmel Strom Thurmond Lake
South-Carolina 380 ft
Myrtle Beach State Park
South-Carolina 95 ft
Nice Walk Up Beach
South-Carolina 39 ft
Oconee Point Hartwell Lake
South-Carolina 673 ft
Oconee State Park
South-Carolina 1737 ft
Paris Mountain State Park
South-Carolina 1061 ft
Parris Island Rv Military
South-Carolina 8 ft
Parsons Mountain Lake
South-Carolina 542 ft
Pleasant Ridge County Park
South-Carolina 1173 ft
Poinsett State Park
South-Carolina 152 ft
Polly S Landing Campground
South-Carolina 25 ft
Poulous Loop Group Camp
South-Carolina 295 ft
Rocky Branch Seasonal Camp
South-Carolina 295 ft
Sadlers Creek State Park
South-Carolina 685 ft
Sandy Beach Campsite
South-Carolina 1165 ft
Santee State Park
South-Carolina 137 ft
Sarah S Creek Campground
South-Carolina 1165 ft
South-Carolina 568 ft
Sedalia Campground
South-Carolina 317 ft
Sesquicentennial State Park
South-Carolina 383 ft
Short Stay Navy Military
South-Carolina 82 ft
Sign Language
South-Carolina 495 ft
South Cove
South-Carolina 877 ft
South Cove County Park
South-Carolina 824 ft
South-Carolina 657 ft
Springfield Hartwell Lake
South-Carolina 694 ft
Sugarloaf Mountain Rec Area Sand Hills State Forest
South-Carolina 259 ft
Table Rock State Park
South-Carolina 1153 ft
Twin Lakes Hartwell Lake
South-Carolina 756 ft
Wateree Military
South-Carolina 268 ft
Weston Lake Military Fort Jackson
South-Carolina 290 ft
Woodmen Of The World Park
South-Carolina 177 ft
Woods Ferry
South-Carolina 349 ft
Woods Ferry Recreation Area
South-Carolina 295 ft

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