North American Plains

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September 21 2023

North American Plains

The North American Plains Mountain Range is a collection of mountains spanning from Canada to the United States. These mountains are historically important for the indigenous tribes that once inhabited the region. Notable peaks of the mountain range include Mount Elbert, Longs Peak, and Pikes Peak. Mount Elbert is the highest peak in Colorado, with an elevation of 14,440 feet. Longs Peak is known for its vertical rock face and challenging hiking trails. Pikes Peak is famous for inspiring the song "America the Beautiful." The mountain range's hydrology is significant, with major rivers such as the Missouri and Arkansas running through the region. Interesting facts include the fact that the area was once home to massive herds of bison and played a significant role in the expansion of the railroad in the United States.

Peak Elevation
Timms Hill 1952
Devils Tower 5112
Mount Capulin 8182
Hurricane Mt 3694
Haystack 4960
Algonquin Peak 5114
Wallface Mountain 3727
Chimney Mountain 2721
Colden 4714
Mount Marcy 5344
Cascade 4098
Two Buttes Mountain 4705
Mount Scott 2464
Mount Rushmore 5275
Piedmont Butte 3882
Harney Peak 7242
Bear Butte 4426
Rattlesnake Butte 2284
Spirit Mound 1279
Mount Magazine 2753
Eagle Mountain 2301
Mount Arvon 1979

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