Olympic Mountains

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June 14 2024

Olympic Mountains

The Olympic Mountains are a mountain range located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, USA. The range has a rich history, including being home to the Olympic National Park, established in 1938. The park is over 1,400 square miles and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The range is home to many notable peaks, including Mount Olympus, which stands at 7,980 feet, making it the highest point in the range. Other notable peaks include Mount Deception, Mount Constance, and Mount Anderson. The range is also home to several significant hydrological features, including the Elwha and Hoh Rivers. The Elwha River is home to the largest dam removal project in American history. Interesting facts about the range include that it is the only mountain range in the contiguous United States that contains a temperate rainforest and that it is also home to several glaciers.

Peak Elevation
Buckhorn Mountain 6988
Mount Jupiter 5700
Mount Stone 6612
McCartney Peak 6784
Sweat Spire 7580
Mount Bretherton 5960
Mount Anderson 7321
Mount Pulitzer 6283
Mount Olympus 7965
Warrior Peak 7300
Mount Carrie 6995
Mount Mystery 7639
Mount Lena 5995
The Brothers 6866
Mount Townsend 6280
Mount Deception 7788
Mount Angeles 6454
Mount Tom 7076
Mount Ellinor 5944
Sentinel Peak 6592
Mount Washington 6255
Blue Mountain 6007
Mount Skokomish 6434
Mount Pershing 6154
Mount Constance 7743

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Mountain Activities

1. Hiking: The Olympic Mountains offer countless opportunities for hiking, with trails ranging from easy day hikes to challenging multi-day treks. Popular hikes include the Hoh River Trail, Hurricane Ridge, and the Enchanted Valley.

2. Camping: Camping in the Olympic Mountains allows visitors to immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty of the region. Campgrounds such as Sol Duc Campground and Kalaloch Campground offer easy access to hiking trails, rivers, and beaches.

3. Wildlife Viewing: The Olympic Mountains are home to a diverse array of wildlife, including black bears, elk, mountain goats, and bald eagles. Visitors can enjoy wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the range, with prime spots including Hurricane Ridge and the Elwha Valley.

4. Mountaineering: The Olympic Mountains offer challenging climbs for experienced mountaineers, with peaks such as Mount Olympus and Mount Constance attracting climbers from around the world. These climbs require technical skill and experience, but offer stunning views and a true sense of accomplishment.

5. Fishing: The Olympic Mountains are crisscrossed with rivers and streams filled with a variety of fish species, making it a popular destination for anglers. Popular fishing spots include the Hoh River, Queets River, and Lake Crescent.

6. Mountain Biking: The Olympic Mountains offer a network of mountain biking trails that cater to riders of all skill levels. Trails such as the Dungeness River Trail and the Lower Big Quilcene Trail offer challenging terrain and stunning scenery for mountain bikers to enjoy.

7. Backpacking: Backpacking in the Olympic Mountains allows visitors to explore remote wilderness areas and experience the rugged beauty of the range up close. Popular backpacking routes include the High Divide Loop, the Ozette Loop, and the Seven Lakes Basin Loop.

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