California Whitewater



Class III-IV River Run

The Whitewater River Run from Headwaters to Bear Gulch in California is a popular destination for whitewater enthusiasts. The ideal streamflow range for this section of river is between 300 and 600 cubic feet per second (cfs). It is rated as a Class III-IV run, with some sections bordering on Class V. The segment spans a distance of approximately 10 miles.

Some of the specific rapids and obstacles that paddlers can expect to encounter on this section of the river include the "Frog Rock" rapid, "Vortex," "Boulder Choke," and "The Narrows." Paddlers should also be prepared for steep drops, tight chutes, and potentially hazardous undercuts.

There are specific regulations in place for the Whitewater River Run from Headwaters to Bear Gulch. Paddlers are required to wear personal flotation devices at all times while on the river, and kayakers and canoeists must wear helmets. Additionally, camping and fires are prohibited along the riverbanks, and all trash must be carried out.

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Last Updated 2024-04-25
River Levels 299 cfs (1.43 ft)
Percent of Normal 156%
Reporting Streamgauge BUTTE C NR CHICO CA
Elevation 343 ft.
Watershed Middle Fork Feather

Nearby Camping
Location Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
Haskins Valley 38 5,174 ft
Little North Fork 6 3,807 ft
Silver Lake (Family ) 7 5,778 ft
Rogers Cow Camp (Family ) 6 4,099 ft
Sundew 19 5,217 ft
Whitehorse 20 5,230 ft
Milsap Bar 20 1,639 ft
Sly Creek 23 3,554 ft
Feather Falls 5 1,528 ft
Lower Bucks 7 5,054 ft
Golden Trout Crossing 5 4,002 ft
Gansner Bar 14 2,316 ft