California Whitewater



Class II-IV River Run

The Whitewater River run Headwaters To State Park in California is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking to experience a thrilling whitewater adventure. The ideal streamflow range for this river is between 200 and 800 cfs. At higher flows, the river becomes much more challenging and dangerous, while lower flows may result in more obstacles and difficult to navigate stretches.

The class rating for this river ranges from Class II to Class IV, with some sections featuring challenging rapids and obstacles. The segment mileage for this run is approximately 11 miles, starting at the headwaters and ending at the State Park.

There are specific rapids and obstacles on this run, including the "Headwaters Rapid," which is a Class IV rapid that requires expert navigation. Other notable rapids include "The Narrows," "Devil's Slide," and "Gibralter."

There are specific regulations in place for this area, including permits required for overnight camping and a strict pack-in, pack-out policy to protect the natural environment. It is also important for adventurers to follow Leave No Trace principles and always wear proper safety equipment, including helmets and life jackets.

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Last Updated 2023-12-09
River Levels 2740 cfs (7.21 ft)
Percent of Normal 48%
Reporting Streamgauge N YUBA R BL GOODYEARS BAR CA
Elevation 2,482 ft.
Watershed Middle Fork Feather

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