California Whitewater



The Salmon Creek Tributary in California is a popular whitewater river run for kayakers and rafters. The ideal streamflow range for this river is between 500-1500 cfs, making it a great option for intermediate paddlers. The class rating for this river ranges from II to IV, with the upper section being more challenging than the lower section.

The Salmon Creek Tributary has a segment mileage of approximately 7 miles, and there are several notable rapids and obstacles along the way. The upper section of the river features rapids such as "Crunchy Granola" and "Pita," which offer technical challenges to more experienced paddlers. The lower section has more playful rapids such as "Cherry Bomb" and "S-Turn," which are ideal for beginners.

In terms of regulations, the Salmon Creek Tributary is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and is open for public use year-round. However, there are specific regulations in place to protect the river and its ecosystem. For example, no motorized boats are allowed on the river, and visitors are required to pack out all trash and waste.

Overall, the Salmon Creek Tributary is a beautiful and exciting whitewater river run in California. With its ideal streamflow range, class rating, and range of rapids and obstacles, it offers something for paddlers of all skill levels. However, it's important to follow all regulations to ensure the preservation of this stunning natural resource. Get driving directions.
Last Updated 2023-08-30
River Levels 1300 cfs (10.43 ft)
Percent of Normal 157%
Reporting Streamgauge EEL R A SCOTIA CA
Elevation 51 ft.
Watershed Mad-Redwood

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