California Whitewater



Class III-IV River Run

Lower Rock Creek is a popular whitewater river located in the state of California. The ideal streamflow range for this river run is between 250 and 800 cfs. At lower flow, the river is more technical with smaller rapids, while at higher flow, the rapids become bigger and more powerful. It is rated as a Class III-IV river run, making it a great option for intermediate to advanced kayakers and rafters.

The segment mileage of the Lower Rock Creek run is approximately 7 miles, starting from the town of Toms Place and ending at the confluence with the Owens River. There are several notable rapids and obstacles along the way, including the "Eleven Mile Falls," a Class IV rapid that requires precise navigation through a narrow chute. Other notable rapids include "Hole in the Wall," "Tombstone," and "Champagne."

To ensure the safety of all river users, there are specific regulations in place for the Lower Rock Creek area. These regulations include mandatory wearing of personal flotation devices (PFDs), no alcohol or drug use while on the river, and a minimum age requirement of 12 years old for kayakers and 7 years old for rafters. It is also important to note that during times of high flow, the river can become dangerous and should only be attempted by experienced paddlers.

Overall, Lower Rock Creek is a thrilling and challenging whitewater river run that offers a variety of rapids and obstacles for intermediate to advanced paddlers. With proper preparation and adherence to regulations, it can provide a memorable and exciting experience for all who undertake it. Get driving directions.
Last Updated 2023-08-30
River Levels 184 cfs (2.74 ft)
Percent of Normal 221%
Elevation 6,951 ft.
Watershed Crowley Lake

Nearby Camping
Location Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
North Lake 11 9,345 ft
Iris Meadow 13 8,382 ft
Bitterbrush 30 6,805 ft
Mountain Glen 5 8,532 ft
Rock Creek Lake 28 9,722 ft
Sabrina 18 8,973 ft
Intake 2 8 8,177 ft
Sawmill Meadows 12 9,127 ft
Millpond 60 4,438 ft
Lower Pine Grove 11 9,375 ft
Four Jeffery 106 8,105 ft
Upper Pine Grove 8 9,395 ft
Tuff 34 6,933 ft
Big Trees 16 7,453 ft
Horton Creek 53 5,375 ft
Bishop Park 22 8,315 ft
Mosquito Flat 10 10,228 ft
Pleasant Valley Numerous 4,299 ft
French Camp 85 7,305 ft
Holiday 35 7,201 ft
Palisade 6 8,873 ft