California Whitewater



Class IV River Run

The North Fork Cottonwood Creek is a popular whitewater river run situated in the state of California. The ideal streamflow range for this river is between 100 and 300 cfs. The class rating for this run ranges from Class IV to V depending on the water level. The segment mileage of this river is approximately 3.5 miles.

The North Fork Cottonwood Creek is known for its challenging rapids and obstacles such as S-Turn, Ledges, and the Toaster. These rapids require technical paddling skills and experience to navigate. The river also features steep drops and narrow canyons, which add to the excitement of the run.

In terms of regulations, it is important to note that the North Fork Cottonwood Creek is located within the Eldorado National Forest. Therefore, visitors must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the Forest Service. These regulations include obtaining a permit for overnight camping, packing out all trash, and following Leave No Trace principles.

Overall, the North Fork Cottonwood Creek is a challenging and exciting whitewater river run that requires experience and technical skills to navigate. With its stunning scenery and thrilling rapids, it is a must-visit destination for any avid kayaker or whitewater enthusiast. Get driving directions.
Last Updated 2023-08-30
River Levels 185 cfs (2.93 ft)
Percent of Normal 100%
Reporting Streamgauge CLEAR C NR IGO CA
Elevation 680 ft.
Watershed Cottonwood Headwaters

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