Fremont Canyon (Torrey To Capitol Reef)

This run progresses from casual class II water to class V as you enter into where the canyon narrows.  Plan on scouting most everything as you get in the canyon due to some drops that would not be wise to run blindly.

Suggested river levels for paddling this section of the Fremont River are between a bare minimum of 130cfs and a high of 220cfs. River conditions sourced from USGS 09330000, the Fremont River Near Bicknell Remember only watercraft are permitted at Fremont Canyon (Torrey to Capitol Reef).

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Area Hydrology

Gauge Streamflow Stage
Sevier River Blw San Pitch River
USGS 10217000
25 cfs 4.3 ft
Escalante River Near Escalante
USGS 09337500
0 cfs 1.0 ft
Salina Creek Near Emery
USGS 10205030
11 cfs 2.4 ft
Ferron Creek (Upper Station) Near Ferron
USGS 09326500
78 cfs 6.5 ft
Muddy Creek Near Emery
USGS 09330500
39 cfs 4.1 ft
Fremont River Near Bicknell
USGS 09330000
61 cfs 4.0 ft
Pine Creek Near Escalante
USGS 09337000
1 cfs 1.4 ft
Seven Mile Creek Near Fish Lake
USGS 09329050
6 cfs 4.2 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change

Outdoor Recreation

Campground Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
Fruita - Capitol Reef National Park 71 5,438 ft
Elkhorn 6 9,809 ft
Lower Bowns 4 7,419 ft
Sunglow 5 7,252 ft
Pleasant Creek 30 8,670 ft
Singletree 27 8,286 ft
Cathedral Valley - Capitol Reef National Park 6 6,923 ft
Ski Area Snowpack Air Temperature 5 Day Forecast
River Run Streamflow Length Class
I-70 to Tomsich Butte 14.1cfs 30.0 Mi II to III-
Calf Creek to Lake Powell 60.7cfs 73.0 Mi III- to III
Fremont Canyon (Torrey to Capitol Reef) 53.8cfs 9.0 Mi V to V+