Rubicon Lake

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Rubicon Lake is a beautiful alpine lake located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. This lake has a rich history and is an important source of water for the surrounding area. The lake's hydrology is heavily influenced by snowpack, which provides the majority of its water supply. The Rubicon River flows into the lake, and the lake's outflow feeds into the Middle Fork of the American River. The Rubicon Lake area is popular for hiking, fishing, and camping, and it is also used for agriculture. The lake provides water for irrigation of nearby crops, and the surrounding forests are used for timber production. Overall, Rubicon Lake is an important resource for the local community and a beautiful destination for visitors to the area.

June 13, 2024







Storage 24hr Change -0.93%
Percent of Normal 94%
Minimum 46 acre-ft
Maximum 99,999 acre-ft
Average 914 acre-ft

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