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Upper Klamath Lake is a large freshwater lake located near Klamath Falls, Oregon. The lake has a rich history dating back to prehistoric times when Native American tribes lived in the area. The hydrology of the lake is influenced by various surface flow and snowpack providers, such as the Williamson and Sprague Rivers, and the nearby Cascade Mountains. The lake is used for several agricultural and recreational activities, including fishing, boating, and bird watching. However, the lake has been facing several environmental issues, such as water quality deterioration, habitat degradation, and fish population decline. Efforts are being made to address these issues through various restoration projects and management strategies.

June 15, 2024







Lake Or Reservoir Elevation Above United States Bureau Of Reclamation Klamath Basin (Usbrkb) Datum, Feet 24hr Change 0%
Percent of Normal 100%
Minimum 4,137.23 ft
Maximum 4,143.52 ft
Average 4,142 ft

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