Reservoir Levels

Location Observation
Upper Klamath Lake Near Klamath Falls
Oregon ID 11507000
4,142 ft
Bull Run Lake Near Brightwood
Oregon ID 14138560
3,176 ft
Hills Creek Lake Near Oakridge
Oregon ID 14145100
1,530 ft
Lookout Point Lake Near Lowell
Oregon ID 14149000
911 ft
Fall Creek Lake Near Lowell
Oregon ID 14150900
821 ft
Cottage Grove Lake Nr Cottage Grove
Oregon ID 14153000
789 ft
Dorena Lake Near Cottage Grove
Oregon ID 14155000
831 ft
Fern Ridge Lake Near Elmira
Oregon ID 14168000
373 ft
Detroit Lake Near Detroit
Oregon ID 14180500
1,559 ft
Green Peter Lake Near Foster
Oregon ID 14186100
998 ft
Foster Lake At Foster
Oregon ID 14186600
636 ft
Applegate Lake Near Copper
Oregon ID 14361900
1,979 ft

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