• Snowpack
  • 35.0"
  • Snowpack levels are currently 2% above the seasonal average of 4". The highest snowpack observed on this date in the past 13 years was in 2011, when snowpack depth was recorded at 23.0".
  • New Snowfall
  • Past 24 hours
  • 0"
  • Snowpack levels remain unchanged since yesterday, with the mountain sitting at a 35.0" snowpack and a 10.8" snow water equivalent. Perched in alaska, Manitoba Mountain air temperatures were recorded at 21.0° at last check.

  • Air Temp
  • 55°
  • It doesn't look like there's any substantial snow forecasted this week with air temperatures ranging between 55° - 61° over the next 5 days.

Seasonal Comparison

Compare snowpack levels this season from past seasons
Current Average Max Min
35.0" (+2%) 4" 23.0" (2011) 0.0" (2010)

Snow Forecast

Snow and weather outlook for the ski area.
  • Today, Mostly sunny, with a high near 55. Northwest wind around 5 mph. Tomorrow, Sunny, with a high near 59. Northwest wind around 5 mph.

Nearby Ski Areas

Upcoming snow forecasts for ski areas in the region

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