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South Dakota Camping Areas

Campgrounds Amenities Reservations

South Dakota Camping Destinations

Location State Elevation Reservations Toilets
Alkali Creek Camp Site
South-Dakota 4888 ft
Alkali Creek Campground
South-Dakota 4888 ft
Alkali Creek Campground Host Site
South-Dakota 4888 ft
Alkali Creek Horsecamp
South-Dakota 4888 ft
American Creek Lake Francis Case
South-Dakota 1361 ft
Angostura State Rec Area
South-Dakota 3221 ft
Badlands Interior Campground
South-Dakota 2300 ft
Badlands White River
South-Dakota 2300 ft
Bear Butte State Park
South-Dakota 3184 ft
Bear Gulch Group Site
South-Dakota 4420 ft
Beaver Creek
South-Dakota 6165 ft
Big Pine Campground
South-Dakota 4140 ft
Big Stone County Toqua Park
South-Dakota 1015 ft
Bismarck Lake
South-Dakota 5257 ft
Bismark Lake Campground
South-Dakota 4125 ft
Black Fox
South-Dakota 5899 ft
Black Fox Campground
South-Dakota 5981 ft
Blue Bell Custer State Park
South-Dakota 4887 ft
Boxelder Forks
South-Dakota 4749 ft
Boxelder Forks Campground
South-Dakota 4334 ft
Britton City Park
South-Dakota 1359 ft
Browns Valley City Park
South-Dakota 1015 ft
Buffalo Gap National Grassland
South-Dakota 2269 ft
Burke City Park
South-Dakota 2180 ft
Burke Lake State Rec Area
South-Dakota 2084 ft
Buryanek Rec Area
South-Dakota 1377 ft
Byre Lake Recreation Area
South-Dakota 1394 ft
Camp Jellystone
South-Dakota 1303 ft
Canyon Lake Cottages
South-Dakota 3371 ft
Castle Peak
South-Dakota 5395 ft
Castle Peak Campground
South-Dakota 5795 ft
Cedar Pass Badlands National Park
South-Dakota 2421 ft
Cedar Pass Campground
South-Dakota 2300 ft
Center Lake Campground Lower Loop
South-Dakota 4125 ft
Center Lake Campground Upper Loop
South-Dakota 4125 ft
Center Lake Custer State Park
South-Dakota 4734 ft
Central States Fairgrounds
South-Dakota 3246 ft
Chamber Of Commerce Campground Webster
South-Dakota 1809 ft
Chanku Waste Ranch
South-Dakota 2880 ft
Chris Campground
South-Dakota 3669 ft
City Park East Highmore
South-Dakota 1879 ft
Colliers Park Ipswich
South-Dakota 1548 ft
Colman Campgrounds
South-Dakota 1563 ft
Comanche Park
South-Dakota 5471 ft
Comanche Park Campground
South-Dakota 4140 ft
Corsica Lake
South-Dakota 1524 ft
Cottonwood Springs
South-Dakota 4010 ft
Custer Trail
South-Dakota 5905 ft
Custer Trail Usfs
South-Dakota 5795 ft
Dalton Lake
South-Dakota 4397 ft
Dalton Lake Campground
South-Dakota 4334 ft
South-Dakota 5939 ft
Dickenson City Park
South-Dakota 1784 ft
Ditch Creek
South-Dakota 6242 ft
Ditch Creek Campground
South-Dakota 5929 ft
Dude Rach Dfg
South-Dakota 1394 ft
South-Dakota 6064 ft
Dutchman Usfs
South-Dakota 5795 ft
East Park Highmore
South-Dakota 1878 ft
Elk Mountain Campground
South-Dakota 4140 ft
Elk Mountain Wind Cave National Park
South-Dakota 4268 ft
Ellsworth Afb Military
South-Dakota 3185 ft
Eureka City Park
South-Dakota 1857 ft
Faith City Park
South-Dakota 2582 ft
Faulkton City Park
South-Dakota 1578 ft
Fisher Grove State Park
South-Dakota 1264 ft
Flandreau Municipal Park Campground
South-Dakota 1571 ft
Fort Welikit
South-Dakota 4125 ft
Freeman City Park Campground
South-Dakota 1350 ft
French Creek
South-Dakota 2908 ft
French Creek Campground
South-Dakota 2670 ft
French Creek Camping Area
South-Dakota 2670 ft
French Creek Horse Cg
South-Dakota 3825 ft
Game Lodge Custer State Park
South-Dakota 4171 ft
Gettysburg City Park
South-Dakota 2064 ft
Grace Coolidge Campground
South-Dakota 4125 ft
Grace Coolidge Custer State Park
South-Dakota 4367 ft
Grizzly Bear
South-Dakota 4524 ft
Grizzly Bear Campground
South-Dakota 3815 ft
Grizzly Creek Primitive
South-Dakota 4621 ft
Grizzly Creek Usfs
South-Dakota 3815 ft
Groton City Park
South-Dakota 1303 ft
Group Area
South-Dakota 1329 ft
Group Area Camping
South-Dakota 1329 ft
South-Dakota 5571 ft
Hanna Campground
South-Dakota 5312 ft
Happy Campers Campground
South-Dakota 1394 ft
Hav A Rest Park Redfield
South-Dakota 1296 ft
Hecla Day Use Area
South-Dakota 1290 ft
Hieb Memorial Park Campground
South-Dakota 1350 ft
Horse Thief Lake Campground
South-Dakota 3815 ft
Horsecamp Camp Site
South-Dakota 4888 ft
Horsethief Lake
South-Dakota 4949 ft
Horsethief Lake Campground
South-Dakota 3815 ft
Howard City Park
South-Dakota 1554 ft
Huber Campground Lake Menno Rec Area
South-Dakota 1277 ft
Huron Memorial Park
South-Dakota 1236 ft
Indian Creek Lake Oahe
South-Dakota 1639 ft
Indian Memorial Lake Oahe
South-Dakota 1634 ft
Ingalls Homestead Museum
South-Dakota 1682 ft
Iron Nation Lake Sharpe
South-Dakota 1425 ft
Ketterlings Point Shadehill State Rec Area
South-Dakota 2278 ft
Laek Hendricks City Park
South-Dakota 1630 ft
Lake Carthage
South-Dakota 1438 ft
Lake Hendricks Lua Gfp
South-Dakota 1630 ft
Lake Hiddenwood State Park
South-Dakota 1791 ft
Lake Mitchell City Campground
South-Dakota 1293 ft
Lake Pocasse
South-Dakota 1635 ft
Lake Prior City Park
South-Dakota 1214 ft
Lakeside City Park Eureka
South-Dakota 1838 ft
Lantis Spring Campground
South-Dakota 3102 ft
Left Tailrace Lake Sharpe
South-Dakota 1386 ft
Legion Lake Campground
South-Dakota 4125 ft
Legion Lake Custer State Park
South-Dakota 5051 ft
Leola City Park
South-Dakota 1574 ft
Lions City Park Armour
South-Dakota 1515 ft
Little Jon Park
South-Dakota 3396 ft
Little Moreau Rec Area
South-Dakota 2050 ft
Llewellyn Johns State Rec Area
South-Dakota 2245 ft
Marilyn Debates Memorial Park
South-Dakota 1571 ft
Maxwell Park Campground
South-Dakota 1630 ft
Melgaard Park
South-Dakota 1299 ft
Melgaard Park Camp Ground
South-Dakota 1329 ft
Memorial Park County Park Campground
South-Dakota 1233 ft
Memorial Park Huron
South-Dakota 1237 ft
Menno Lake Rec Area
South-Dakota 1187 ft
Miller City Park
South-Dakota 1563 ft
Mina State Rec Area
South-Dakota 1434 ft
Mountain View Campground
South-Dakota 3669 ft
Niemackl Lake Park
South-Dakota 968 ft
North Point Lake Francis Case
South-Dakota 1375 ft
North Shore Coe
South-Dakota 1394 ft
North Wheeler State Rec Area
South-Dakota 1373 ft
Northland Park Campground
South-Dakota 1630 ft
Oilvet Park
South-Dakota 1220 ft
Old Fort Thompson Coe
South-Dakota 1394 ft
South-Dakota 5343 ft
Oreville Campground
South-Dakota 4628 ft
South-Dakota 4605 ft
Pactola Campground
South-Dakota 4420 ft
Pease Creek Rec Area
South-Dakota 1449 ft
Picnic Spring
South-Dakota 3260 ft
Picnic Spring Campground
South-Dakota 3102 ft
Pierpont City Park
South-Dakota 1512 ft
Platte Creek State Rec Area
South-Dakota 1453 ft
Rafter J Bar Ranch
South-Dakota 4628 ft
Randall Creek Park Lake Francis Case
South-Dakota 1255 ft
Rapid City Black Hills Koa
South-Dakota 3246 ft
Redstone City Park
South-Dakota 1407 ft
Reva Gap
South-Dakota 3167 ft
Reva Gap Campground
South-Dakota 2703 ft
Richmond Lake State Rec Area
South-Dakota 1392 ft
Rifle Pit
South-Dakota 4610 ft
Right Tailrace Coe
South-Dakota 1394 ft
Roberts Tract Campground
South-Dakota 3041 ft
Rock River City Park
South-Dakota 1571 ft
Rocky Point State Rec Area
South-Dakota 3016 ft
Rod And Gun
South-Dakota 5376 ft
Rod Gun Campground
South-Dakota 5053 ft
Roscoe City Park
South-Dakota 1828 ft
Roubaix Lake
South-Dakota 5513 ft
Roubaix Lake Campground
South-Dakota 4888 ft
Sage Creek
South-Dakota 2269 ft
Sage Creek Campground
South-Dakota 2269 ft
Scotland City Park
South-Dakota 1350 ft
Scotland City Park Ballfield
South-Dakota 1187 ft
Shady Rest Youth Area
South-Dakota 4125 ft
Sheridan Lake
South-Dakota 4710 ft
Sheridan Lake North Cove Group Sites Campground
South-Dakota 4420 ft
Sheridan Lake South Campground
South-Dakota 4420 ft
Sheridan Lake South Shore Campground
South-Dakota 4420 ft
Sidney Reservoir
South-Dakota 3102 ft
Snake Creek State Rec Area
South-Dakota 1422 ft
Spearfish City Campground
South-Dakota 3676 ft
Spearfish City City Campground
South-Dakota 3669 ft
Split Rock Creek State Park Campground
South-Dakota 1571 ft
Spokane Creek Cabins Campground
South-Dakota 3815 ft
Steamboat Rock Picnic Tent Camping Area
South-Dakota 4334 ft
Steer Creek Campground
South-Dakota 2789 ft
Stockade Lake Campground South
South-Dakota 4125 ft
Stockade Lake N Custer State Park
South-Dakota 5219 ft
Stockade Lake North Campground
South-Dakota 4125 ft
Stockade Lake S Custer State Park
South-Dakota 5186 ft
Strawberry Picnic Tent Camping Area
South-Dakota 4753 ft
Swan Creek State Rec Area
South-Dakota 1627 ft
Sylvan Lake Campground
South-Dakota 4125 ft
Sylvan Lake Custer State Park
South-Dakota 6210 ft
South-Dakota 5586 ft
Timon Campground
South-Dakota 5053 ft
Toadstool Geological Park And Campground
South-Dakota 3301 ft
Traverse County Park Campground
South-Dakota 1015 ft
Tulare City Park
South-Dakota 1320 ft
Washington Park
South-Dakota 1753 ft
Waubay City Campground
South-Dakota 1787 ft
Webster City Park
South-Dakota 1839 ft
Wessington Springs City Park
South-Dakota 1723 ft
West Ball Park Campground
South-Dakota 1395 ft
West Bend State Rec Area Pierre
South-Dakota 1431 ft
West Chamberlain Lake Francis Case
South-Dakota 1385 ft
West Whitlock State Rec Area
South-Dakota 1635 ft
Whitewood Campground
South-Dakota 3681 ft
Wickham Gulch Campground
South-Dakota 3102 ft
Woonsocket City Park
South-Dakota 1308 ft
Wrinkled Rock
South-Dakota 5198 ft
Wylie Park City Campground
South-Dakota 1322 ft

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