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Whitewater River Run

Oregon Rogue River

Lost Creek Lake To Gold Ray Dam

Class II TO II+ Easy

1,160 CFS

86°, Sunny

Suggested river levels for paddling this section of the Rogue River are between a bare minimum of 700cfs and a high of 3,500cfs. River conditions sourced from USGS 14337600, the Rogue River Near Mcleod Remember only watercraft are permitted at Lost Creek Lake to Gold Ray Dam.

Status Runnable
Class Level II to II+
Elevation 1,499 ft
Run Length 31.3 Mi
Gradient 13 FPM
Streamflow Discharge 1160 cfs
Gage Height 1.9 ft
Reporting Streamgage Rogue River Near Mcleod
USGS 14337600

Nearby Water Data

Gauge Streamflow Stage
Rogue R At Cole M Rivers F Hatchery Nr Mcleod
USGS 14335072
847 cfs 1.9 ft
Rogue River At Dodge Bridge
USGS 14339000
1,250 cfs 3.0 ft
Clearwater R Blw Mowich Creek
USGS 14314700
50 cfs 4.7 ft
Bear Creek At Medford
USGS 14357500
12 cfs 2.4 ft
West Fork Ashland Creek Near Ashland
USGS 14353000
1 cfs 1.1 ft
Klamath R Bl Iron Gate Dam Ca
USGS 11516530
965 cfs 2.1 ft
Big Butte Creek Near Mcleod
USGS 14337500
38 cfs 2.7 ft
Elk Creek Near Trail
USGS 14338000
3 cfs 2.2 ft
Elk Creek Nr Drew
USGS 14308500
0 cfs 2.1 ft
Cow Creek Abv Galesville Res
USGS 14308990
7 cfs 0.3 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change

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Lost Creek Lake To Gold Ray Dam


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Lost Creek Lake To Gold Ray Dam

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