Daves Wave

Small groveling knee to thigh high wave surfable 12 months out of the year with a longboard, very high volume board, bodyboard, or surfmat just about every day of the year.


Located mile south of Platte River Trail Parking Lot (E 88th Ave & Colorado Blvd, Thornton, CO) walk south looking for the boat chute wave and CRSA "Dave's Wave" sign on the right side of path. Dave's Wave is surfable twice daily due to guaranteed releases of water and the wave comes in at about 200cfs when the stream gauge marker on the rock above the wave hits the .5 foot dot mark. Go with someone who has surfed the spot before or watch vids of Dave's Wave and use durable fins because they will be hitting the bottom at times. Wave blows out at 400cfs and will be best to find surf elsewhere. For more detailed information visit: http://endlesswaves.net/waves/daves-wave/

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Super Bowl Sunday 2021 (1st half of the game) surfing Dave's Wave with Jimmy Switzer... Air temp dropped from the 50's to well below freezing when the sun set. Ice instantly formed on our wetsuits and bodyboard and surfmat. You know it is bad when you get ice cream headaches not from duck diving but from standing in the freezing winds. It was warmer in the water than out of the water... Cold but a great time. (Pic of Jimmy Switzer ripping it up 2/7/21 on his bodyboard despite the freezing temps)

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In 2020 you had to travel to find surf in Colorado; however, Nathan Ginn had no problems finding surf at Dave's Wave in Thornton, CO on this July 2020 day.

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Chill Foundation at Dave's Wave... Thanks to Nathan, Lyle, Lane, Misty, and the Metro-Denver surf crew for the first ever day of Chill river surfing at Dave's Wave. A complete success. Metro-Denver surfers giving back to river surfing and the general community at large. Just Amazing!!! (Chatfield was releasing a meager 10cfs while Dave's Wave was getting over 200cfs)

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Dave's Wave season is upon us and probably the only spot surfable in Metro-Denver outside a late rainy day. The wave is all-time right now, come surf it!.... Also check out the Dave's Wave PSA (public service announcement) on longboardkook YouTube channel. The truth about the most hated on wave in Denver, hahaha. https://youtu.be/axbZ8chotvU

Area Hydrology

Gauge Streamflow Stage
West Cr. Abv Shrewsbury Gulch Nr Westcreek Co
USGS 06701700
1 cfs 5.3 ft
Cheyenne Creek At Evans Ave At Colorado Springs
USGS 07105490
3 cfs 1.5 ft
South Platte River Above Cheesman Lake
USGS 06700000
167 cfs 5.3 ft
Fountain Cr Bl Janitell Rd Bl Colo. Springs
USGS 07105530
71 cfs 5.2 ft
Fourmile Creek Below Cripple Creek Near Victor
USGS 07096250
14 cfs 3.4 ft
Sand Creek Above Mouth At Colorado Springs
USGS 07105600
1 cfs 2.2 ft
Little Fountain Creek Near Fountain
USGS 07105940
0 cfs 4.5 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change

Outdoor Recreation

Campground Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
Flat Rocks 19 8,245 ft
Chatfield State Park 193 5,494 ft
Boulder County Fairground None 4,974 ft
South Meadows 64 7,897 ft
Painted Rocks 18 7,836 ft
Union Reservoir 42 4,957 ft
Cherry Creek State Park 102 5,646 ft
Devils Head 21 8,856 ft
Boyd Lake State Park 148 4,991 ft
Farish Military - USAF Academy None 9,083 ft
Indian Creek 11 7,562 ft
South Bay - Horsetooth Reservoir None 5,435 ft
Jackson Creek 9 8,179 ft
Missile Site Park 12 4,942 ft
Standley Lake None 5,530 ft
Colorado 81 7,806 ft
Peregrine Pines Military - USAF Academy None 6,631 ft
St. Vrain State Park 87 4,850 ft
Ski Area Snowpack Air Temperature 5 Day Forecast
River Run Streamflow Length Class