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Colorado River Surfing

River Wave Reports

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Check out the latest surf reports for surfing landlocked Colorado waves to include known river wave locations, recommended flows to surf, nearest gauges, maps, and other Colorado locals only knowledge.
Location State Status Discharge (CFS) Gage height (Ft) Weather (°F)
16th Street Wave

Colorado Surfable 197 3.13 36
Daves Wave

Colorado Surfable 295 3.74 37
Beaver Wave

Colorado Too Low 39 1.33 56
River Run Park

Colorado Too Low 17 10.73 56
Miracle Wave

Colorado Too Low 17 10.73 56
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River surf reports can and should be shared with the general public. Snoflo is a rad web location for it. Look for new announcement and log your surf sessions at ...

Surf Is Where You Find It

River surfing is much like ocean surfing except it is done on stationary standing waves in the river. River waves are located throughout North America and are open to the public and free to surf. River waves are unique since they are in fixed locations in the river, never stop breaking, and can be surfed endlessly (unlike ocean waves that rides typically last only ten to thirty seconds).

River surfers typically use ocean surfboards to surf river waves. River surfing is easier to learn than ocean surfing, and for landlocked surfers, river surfing is extremely enjoyable if not outright addictive.

Colorado River Surfing Association

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

United States Geological Survey

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