Martha's Ladder

Martha's Ladder goes directly up the steep pitch above "5-Minute Trees" and tops out at "10-Minute Trees".

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Area Hydrology

Gauge Streamflow Stage
Thunder Creek Near Newhalem
USGS 12175500
200 cfs 7.3 ft
Skookum Creek Above Diversion Near Wickersham
USGS 12209490
66 cfs 1.5 ft
Salix Creek At S Cascade Gl Near Marblemount
USGS 12181200
0 cfs 0.1 ft
Tulalip Creek Above East Branch Near Tulalip
USGS 12158010
7 cfs 0.6 ft
Bacon Creek Below Oakes Creek Near Marblemount
USGS 12179900
313 cfs 4.6 ft
Skagit River At Marblemount
USGS 12181000
5,020 cfs 3.8 ft
Nf Nooksack River Bl Cascade Creek Nr Glacier
USGS 12205000
484 cfs 3.8 ft
Sumas River Near Sumas
USGS 12214500
64 cfs ft
Racehorse Creek At North Fork Road Nr Kendall
USGS 12206900
23 cfs 8.4 ft
Nf Stillaguamish River Near Arlington
USGS 12167000
890 cfs 3.0 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change