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Alabama Camping Areas

Campgrounds Amenities Reservations

Alabama Camping Destinations

Camping in Alabama offers a unique experience with its diverse landscapes, from the beaches of the Gulf Coast to the mountains of the north. The state has several popular campgrounds that cater to different types of campers, including families, RVers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the most popular campgrounds in Alabama is Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores. This park has over 400 campsites, including tent sites, RV sites, and cabins. The park offers a variety of activities, including fishing, hiking, and swimming in the park's freshwater lake or at the nearby beach.

Another popular campground is Cheaha State Park near Anniston in Talladega National Forest. This park is located on top of Alabama's highest peak, and it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. The park has over 70 campsites, as well as cabins and chalets. The park also has several hiking trails, including the Pinhoti Trail, which runs through the park.

DeSoto State Park in Fort Payne is another popular campground in Alabama, known for its scenic waterfalls and hiking trails. The park has over 90 campsites, as well as cabins and chalets. The park's hiking trails include the DeSoto Falls Trail, which takes hikers to a picturesque waterfall.

The best time of year to camp in Alabama is during the spring and fall when temperatures are mild, ranging from the mid-50s to mid-70s. Summer temperatures can be hot and humid, with highs in the 90s, making it less comfortable for camping.

For outdoor enthusiasts, a must-see area in Alabama is Little River Canyon National Preserve in Fort Payne. This area is known for its deep canyons, waterfalls, and hiking trails. The preserve has several campgrounds, including the Little River Canyon Campground and the DeSoto State Park.

Overall, camping in Alabama offers a unique experience with its diverse landscapes and popular campgrounds. Whether it's hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying the outdoors, Alabama has something to offer for every type of camper.

Location State Elevation Reservations Toilets
Alabama 689 ft
Anniston Army Depot Rv Military
Alabama 635 ft
Bells Landing
Alabama 69 ft
Belmont Park
Alabama 87 ft
Big Oak Gap Hunter Camp
Alabama 1404 ft
Bladon Springs State Park
Alabama 193 ft
Blakeley State Park
Alabama 80 ft
Blue Creek
Alabama 195 ft
Blue Springs State Park
Alabama 306 ft
Bluff Creek
Alabama 217 ft
Brierfield Ironworks Historical Park
Alabama 358 ft
Brushy Lake Recreation Area
Alabama 557 ft
Brushy Lake Recreational Area Campground
Alabama 557 ft
Bucks Pocket State Park
Alabama 890 ft
Burchfield Branch Park
Alabama 473 ft
Burnt Village
Alabama 687 ft
Camp Skyline Ranch
Alabama 809 ft
Campground 1
Alabama 401 ft
Campground 2
Alabama 401 ft
Cathedral Caverns State Park
Alabama 643 ft
Cheaha State Park
Alabama 2096 ft
Chewacla State Park
Alabama 516 ft
Chickasabogue Park
Alabama 39 ft
Chickasaw State Park
Alabama 133 ft
Chief Ladiga Trail Campground
Alabama 547 ft
Chilatchee Creek
Alabama 107 ft
Citronelle Lakeview Rv Park
Alabama 226 ft
Claymore Camp 1
Alabama 557 ft
Clear Creek Recreation Area
Alabama 409 ft
Alabama 166 ft
Colbert Ferry Bicycle Only Campground
Alabama 453 ft
Coleman Lake Rec Area
Alabama 1182 ft
Corinth Recreation Area
Alabama 601 ft
Damsite West Bank
Alabama 63 ft
Dauphin Island City Park
Alabama 6 ft
De Soto State Park
Alabama 1477 ft
Dead Lake Platform
Alabama 18 ft
Alabama 294 ft
Dekalb County Public Lake
Alabama 1317 ft
Ditto Landing City Campground
Alabama 567 ft
East Bank Millers Ferry
Alabama 89 ft
Easter Posey Mwr Military Redstone Arsenal
Alabama 569 ft
Elm Bluff William Dannelly Reservoir
Alabama 103 ft
Engineer Beach Rv Military Fort Rucker
Alabama 225 ft
Florala State Park
Alabama 255 ft
Forkland Mcconnico Creek
Alabama 150 ft
Fort Toulouse Jackson Park
Alabama 167 ft
Alabama 95 ft
Frank Jackson State Park
Alabama 351 ft
Georgia Mountain Rv Resort
Alabama 625 ft
Goose Pond Colony
Alabama 618 ft
Gulf State Park
Alabama 4 ft
Gunter Hill
Alabama 175 ft
Haines Island
Alabama 55 ft
Hardridge Creek
Alabama 215 ft
Holt Lake
Alabama 187 ft
Hoover Rv Park
Alabama 483 ft
Houston County Center
Alabama 326 ft
Hunters Camp
Alabama 218 ft
Isaac Creek
Alabama 57 ft
Jackson County Park
Alabama 627 ft
Jennings Ferry
Alabama 109 ft
Joe Wheeler State Park
Alabama 573 ft
Jones Bluff
Alabama 136 ft
Jug Lake Platform
Alabama 18 ft
Lake Chinnabee
Alabama 829 ft
Lake Guntersville State Park
Alabama 630 ft
Lake Lurleen State Park
Alabama 276 ft
Lake Martin Military
Alabama 514 ft
Lake Martin Recreation Area
Alabama 426 ft
Lake Payne Westside Campground
Alabama 218 ft
Lakepoint State Park
Alabama 208 ft
Lakeview Rv City Park
Alabama 230 ft
Lenoir Landing Coffeeville Lake
Alabama 52 ft
Lock 5
Alabama 99 ft
Lock 7
Alabama 112 ft
Lock 8
Alabama 123 ft
Marshall County Park
Alabama 598 ft
Maxwell Gunter Afb Military
Alabama 164 ft
Mcdougle Camp
Alabama 557 ft
Meaher State Park
Alabama 6 ft
Mobile County Marina
Alabama 13 ft
Monte Sano State Park
Alabama 1608 ft
Moundville Archaeological Park Campground
Alabama 164 ft
Nickell Branch Basic Campground Land Between The Lakes
Alabama 118 ft
Noccalula Falls Campground
Alabama 732 ft
Oak Mountain State Park
Alabama 683 ft
Old Lock 1 Coffeeville Lake
Alabama 30 ft
Open Pond Recreation Area
Alabama 231 ft
Outpost Campsites
Alabama 22 ft
Ozark Fort Rucker Koa Journey
Alabama 289 ft
Paul M Grist State Park
Alabama 337 ft
Payne Lake East Side
Alabama 362 ft
Payne Lake Recreation Area
Alabama 218 ft
Payne Lake Spillway
Alabama 267 ft
Payne Lake West Side
Alabama 282 ft
Pine Glen
Alabama 990 ft
Pine Glen Recreation Area
Alabama 837 ft
Point Mallard City Campground
Alabama 568 ft
Prairie Creek
Alabama 135 ft
Redstone Arsenal Rv Military
Alabama 637 ft
Rickwood Caverns State Park
Alabama 703 ft
Roland Cooper State Park
Alabama 85 ft
Runaway Branch
Alabama 87 ft
Saint Stephens Park Campground
Alabama 60 ft
Saint Stephens Park Campsite 2
Alabama 60 ft
Saint Stephens Park Primitive Campground
Alabama 60 ft
Alabama 123 ft
Sharon Johnston Park
Alabama 771 ft
Sherling Lake Campground And Park
Alabama 154 ft
Sherling Lake City Park
Alabama 440 ft
Six Mile Creek
Alabama 110 ft
Sleeper Bus
Alabama 776 ft
Spring Villa Campground
Alabama 604 ft
St Stephens Historical Park
Alabama 48 ft
Stevenson Municipal Park Guntersville Reservoir
Alabama 599 ft
Sumter Rec Area
Alabama 128 ft
Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park
Alabama 435 ft
Town Creek Campground
Alabama 1016 ft
Turnipseed Campground
Alabama 478 ft
Turnipseed Hunter Camp
Alabama 1172 ft
Two Rivers Point Campsite
Alabama 18 ft
Uchee Creek Military
Alabama 222 ft
White Oak Creek
Alabama 237 ft
Williams Hollow Campground
Alabama 533 ft
Wind Creek State Park
Alabama 520 ft
Wolf Pen Hunters Camp
Alabama 557 ft

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