Oregon Flow Report

June 15, 2024

Streamflow levels across Oregon are currently 82.0% of normal, with the Columbia River @ Beaver Army Terminal Nr Quincy reporting the highest discharge in the state with 249000cfs and gauge stage of 4.63 ft. Meanwhile, the Rogue River At Hwy 101 Bridge is seeing a spike in streamflows today after experiencing a 47.33% increase since yesterday, and currently running at 3580cfs.

Maximum gauge stage in the state was last observed at the Sevenmile Cnl At Dike Rd Br, currently reporting a stage of 4142.37ft. The Zollner Creek Near Mt Angel in the Molalla-Pudding watershed is surging for this time of year at 320cfs, about 233.4% of normal.

Surface Flow Characteristics

Oregon's surface flows are impacted by its varied hydrology and climate characteristics. Major rivers and tributaries include the Columbia, Snake, and Willamette. Reservoirs and dams, such as the Bonneville Dam and the Dalles Dam, have been constructed along these waterways to provide hydroelectric power and irrigation. Snowpack is a crucial factor in Oregon's water supply, with the majority of the state's precipitation occurring in the winter months. In recent years, lower than average snowpack levels have led to drought conditions and water shortages. The Klamath Basin has been a focal point in the state's water management, with disputes arising between farmers, tribes, and environmental advocates over water allocation. Overall, Oregon's water resources are complex and often contentious, requiring careful management and planning.

Streamgauge Profile

Statewide Warnings & Alerts

Popular Whitewater Destinations

River Run Status Streamflow (CFS) Air Temp (F)
TOO LOW 771 44
TOO LOW 512 51
TOO LOW 512 51
TOO LOW 512 51
TOO LOW 512 51
RUNNABLE 2400 53
RUNNABLE 2400 53
RUNNABLE 3120 53
RUNNABLE 3660 51
RUNNABLE 1900 55
TOO LOW 2750 51
RUNNABLE 1900 55
Mill City to Mehama
Class II- to II
RUNNABLE 1600 47
RUNNABLE 1600 47
117 40
TOO LOW 512 51
RUNNABLE 3660 51
Welches Run
Class II+ to III
619 46
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