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Kentucky Camping Areas

Campgrounds Amenities Reservations

Kentucky Camping Destinations

Camping in Kentucky is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the state's natural surroundings. With a variety of campgrounds available, ranging from primitive sites to full-service sites, there is something for everyone.

One of the most popular campgrounds in Kentucky is Mammoth Cave National Park. This campground offers both primitive and full-service sites, as well as access to over 400 miles of hiking trails, including tours of the world's largest cave system.

Another popular option for camping in Kentucky is the Daniel Boone National Forest. This forest offers over 600 miles of trails, including the Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail, which runs through the heart of the forest. The forest also offers a variety of camping options, including primitive sites and full-service sites.

For those looking for a more secluded camping experience, the Red River Gorge is a great option. This area offers a variety of primitive sites, as well as access to some of the best hiking and rock climbing in the state.

When planning a camping trip in Kentucky, it is important to keep in mind the best times of year to camp. The spring and fall months are generally the most comfortable, with average temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to mid-70s. In the summer months, temperatures can reach the 90s, making camping less comfortable. The winter months can also be quite cold, with temperatures dipping below freezing.

For outdoor enthusiasts visiting Kentucky, there are a few must-see areas of interest. The Natural Bridge State Resort Park offers some of the best hiking in the state, as well as stunning views of the Natural Bridge rock formation. The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is another popular destination, offering over 125,000 acres of wilderness to explore.

Overall, camping in Kentucky offers a great way to enjoy the state's natural beauty and outdoor activities. With a variety of campgrounds and areas of interest to choose from, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Location State Elevation Reservations Toilets
Alum Ford
Kentucky 813 ft
Alum Ford Big South Fork Area
Kentucky 761 ft
Astico County Park Campground
Kentucky 338 ft
Axtel Rough River Lake
Kentucky 518 ft
Back Country Site
Kentucky 606 ft
Baileys Point Barren River Lake
Kentucky 612 ft
Barren River Lake State Park
Kentucky 637 ft
Barren River Tailwater
Kentucky 497 ft
Bear Creek Horse Camp
Kentucky 813 ft
Beaver Creek Barren River Lake
Kentucky 672 ft
Bee Rock Campground
Kentucky 888 ft
Bee Rock Rec Area
Kentucky 911 ft
Big Bone Lick State Historic Site
Kentucky 506 ft
Big Bone Lick State Park
Kentucky 496 ft
Blue Heron Big South Fork Area
Kentucky 1276 ft
Boat Gunnel Group Campground
Kentucky 705 ft
Boat Ramp Elmer Davis Lake Dfwr
Kentucky 735 ft
Boltz Lake Ramp Dfwr
Kentucky 842 ft
Buckhorn Dam Rec Area Buckhorn Lake
Kentucky 740 ft
Bullock Pen Lake Ramp Dfwr
Kentucky 774 ft
Kentucky 641 ft
Camp Cadiz Campground
Kentucky 334 ft
Camp Carlson Military Fort Knox
Kentucky 529 ft
Camp On The Kentucky
Kentucky 555 ft
Cane Patch Campground
Kentucky 1149 ft
Carr Creek State Park
Kentucky 1093 ft
Cave Creek Rough River Lake
Kentucky 618 ft
Clay County Campground
Kentucky 857 ft
Clay Lick Dfwr
Kentucky 740 ft
Claylick Boat In Campground
Kentucky 705 ft
Clear Creek Rec Area
Kentucky 762 ft
Craigs Creek Group Use Area
Kentucky 1064 ft
Cumberland Falls State Park
Kentucky 1150 ft
Cumberland Point Lake Cumberland
Kentucky 906 ft
Dale Hollow State Park
Kentucky 1037 ft
Destiny Parks Military Fort Campbell
Kentucky 544 ft
Dog Creek Nolin River Lake
Kentucky 552 ft
Fall Creek Lake Cumberland
Kentucky 843 ft
Ferguson Backcountry Campsite
Kentucky 606 ft
Fishing Creek Lake Cumberland
Kentucky 805 ft
Fort Boonesborough State Park
Kentucky 621 ft
Gays Creek Campground
Kentucky 876 ft
General Burnside State Park
Kentucky 872 ft
General Butler State Park
Kentucky 490 ft
German Bridge Dewey Lake
Kentucky 653 ft
Grapevine Fishtrap Lake
Kentucky 851 ft
Great Meadows
Kentucky 1038 ft
Great Meadows Campground
Kentucky 813 ft
Green River
Kentucky 606 ft
Green River Lake State Park
Kentucky 846 ft
Grove Boat In Campground
Kentucky 1064 ft
Grove Drive In Campground
Kentucky 1064 ft
Grove Rec Area
Kentucky 1190 ft
Guist Creek Lake County Park
Kentucky 792 ft
Halcombs Landing Dfwr
Kentucky 712 ft
Hatfields Hideout Riverfront Cabins And Campground
Kentucky 623 ft
High Knob Campground
Kentucky 334 ft
Holly Bay Campground
Kentucky 1064 ft
Holly Bay Rec Area
Kentucky 1105 ft
Holmes Bend Green River Lake
Kentucky 861 ft
Homestead Backcountry Campsite
Kentucky 606 ft
Houchins Ferry
Kentucky 430 ft
Houchins Ferry Mammoth Cave National Park
Kentucky 437 ft
Indian Grave Campsite
Kentucky 1149 ft
Jack Sutter Campsite
Kentucky 1149 ft
Jellystone Campground
Kentucky 344 ft
Jellystone Park At Mammoth Cave
Kentucky 553 ft
Jenny Wiley State Park
Kentucky 857 ft
Johson Homeplace
Kentucky 579 ft
Kendall Rec Area Lake Cumberland
Kentucky 600 ft
Kentucky Horse Park Campground
Kentucky 880 ft
Kentucky Horse Park Campgrounds
Kentucky 877 ft
Kentucky 553 ft
Koomer Ridge Campground
Kentucky 890 ft
Koomer Ridge Rec Area
Kentucky 1233 ft
Lake Cumberland State Park
Kentucky 911 ft
Lake Jericho Recreation Area
Kentucky 814 ft
Lake Malone State Park
Kentucky 572 ft
Lake Shelby Campground
Kentucky 721 ft
Laurel Branch Rough River Lake
Kentucky 508 ft
Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park
Kentucky 1164 ft
Littcarr Carr Creek Lake
Kentucky 1050 ft
Logan Hubble County Park
Kentucky 886 ft
Loucon Camping And Retreat Center
Kentucky 606 ft
Mammoth Cave
Kentucky 606 ft
Mammoth Cave Campground
Kentucky 606 ft
Mammoth Cave Mammoth Cave National Park
Kentucky 762 ft
Maple Springs
Kentucky 606 ft
Maple Springs Group Campground
Kentucky 606 ft
Martins Fork Cabin
Kentucky 1376 ft
Moutardier Nolin River Lake
Kentucky 630 ft
My Old Kentucky Home State Park
Kentucky 668 ft
Narrows Boat Ramp Dfwr
Kentucky 570 ft
Natural Bridge State Park
Kentucky 773 ft
Nolin River State Park
Kentucky 618 ft
North Fork Dfwr
Kentucky 734 ft
North Fork Rough River Lake
Kentucky 540 ft
Paintsville Lake State Park
Kentucky 618 ft
Kentucky 731 ft
Paragon Dispersed Camping Area
Kentucky 705 ft
Pikes Ridge Green River Lake
Kentucky 890 ft
Pine Mountain State Park
Kentucky 1016 ft
Pinewoods Campground
Kentucky 435 ft
Portal 31 Rv Park
Kentucky 1841 ft
Raymer Hollow Backcountry Campsite
Kentucky 606 ft
Red River Gorge Geological Area
Kentucky 890 ft
Renfro Valley Boat Dock
Kentucky 928 ft
River Floodplain Campsites
Kentucky 606 ft
Riverview Park At Dam 50 Primitive Campsite
Kentucky 334 ft
Kentucky 879 ft
Rough River State Park
Kentucky 530 ft
Ryans Camp Ramp Dfwr
Kentucky 754 ft
S Tree Campground
Kentucky 720 ft
S Tree Campground Free
Kentucky 720 ft
S Tree Rec Area
Kentucky 1453 ft
Sal Hollow Backcountry Campsite
Kentucky 606 ft
Salt River Rec Area
Kentucky 428 ft
Salt River Recreation Park
Kentucky 413 ft
Sandhill Rv Camp
Kentucky 1225 ft
Second Creek Backcountry Campsite
Kentucky 606 ft
Smith Ridge Green River Lake
Kentucky 820 ft
Sparta Campground
Kentucky 559 ft
Swindall Campsite
Kentucky 1149 ft
Tailwater Below Dam Barren River Lake
Kentucky 626 ft
Taylorsville Lake State Park
Kentucky 760 ft
The Narrows Barren River Lake
Kentucky 655 ft
Three Springs Backcountry Campsite
Kentucky 606 ft
Three Springs Campground
Kentucky 771 ft
Tower Rock Campsite
Kentucky 334 ft
Trace Branch Buckhorn Lake
Kentucky 865 ft
Tunnel Ridge Road
Kentucky 890 ft
Turkey Foot Campground
Kentucky 720 ft
Turkey Foot Campground Free
Kentucky 720 ft
Turkey Foot Rec Area
Kentucky 920 ft
Turnhole Bend Backcountry Campsite
Kentucky 606 ft
Twin Knobs Rec Area
Kentucky 773 ft
Twin Knobs Recreation Area
Kentucky 705 ft
Twin Knobs West Group Use Area
Kentucky 705 ft
Vastwood Co Park
Kentucky 490 ft
Vastwood Park
Kentucky 391 ft
Waitsboro Lake Cumberland
Kentucky 763 ft
Walnut Creek Marina
Kentucky 608 ft
Wax Nolin River Lake
Kentucky 555 ft
White Oak Backcountry Campsite
Kentucky 606 ft
White Oak Boat In Campground
Kentucky 1064 ft
White Sulphur Horse Camp
Kentucky 705 ft
Willie Begley Memorial Rv Park
Kentucky 954 ft
Wilson Creek Access Dfwr
Kentucky 691 ft
Wood Creek Lake Ramp Dfwr
Kentucky 1032 ft
Yellowbank Creek Yellowbank Wma
Kentucky 395 ft
Zilpo Rec Area
Kentucky 764 ft
Zilpo Recreation Area
Kentucky 705 ft

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