San Juan Mountains

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June 2 2023

San Juan Mountains

The San Juan Mountains, situated in the southwestern portion of Colorado, are renowned for their stunning beauty and rich history. This mountain range is known for its unique geology, with several peaks composed of volcanic ash and rock formations. Notable peaks in the San Juan Mountains include Uncompahgre Peak, Mount Wilson, and El Diente Peak. The highest peak in the range is Mount Sneffels, standing tall at 14,158 feet. The San Juan Mountains encompass several significant hydrology systems, including the Uncompahgre River, Animas River, and San Juan River. These rivers provide essential water resources for the region's agriculture, mining, and recreation industries. Interestingly, the mountains are also home to the famous Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, a popular tourist attraction. Additionally, the San Juan Mountains have a rich mining history, enduring through several boom and bust cycles, and the remaining ghost towns provide fascinating glimpses into the past.

Peak Elevation
Redcloud Peak 14034
Windom Peak 14082
Stewart Peak 13983
Palmyra Peak 13319
Mount Eolus 14083
Mount Sneffels 14150
Mount Wilson 14246
Wilson Peak 14017
Little Giant Peak 13416
King Solomon Mtn 13220
Gold Hill 12716
Wetterhorn Peak 14015
Rio Grande Pyramid 13821
Uncompahgre Peak 14309
Bald Mountain 11880
Sunshine Peak 14001
Handies Peak 14048
Sunlight Peak 14059
San Luis Peak 14014
El Diente 14159

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