River Run Conditions

Paddling destinations around Montana with class ratings and run status
River Run Status Streamflow (CFS) Air Temp (F)
Bear Creek to Essex
24.59 Mile, Class II to III+
TOO LOW 941 57
TOO LOW 987 22
Bible Run
Class III to IV
TOO LOW 206 32
Big Creek to Glacier Rim
Class III- to III
RUNNABLE 4430 31
Border to Polebridge
15 Mile, Class II to II+
TOO LOW 295 31
Camp Baker to Eden Bridge
15.8 Mile, Class II to II+
TOO LOW 63.2 26
Essex to Moccasin Creek
20 Mile, Class II+
TOO LOW 941 57
Gardiner Town Run
Class III- to III+
TOO LOW 699 27
RUNNABLE 4430 31
Missoula Town Run
Class II to II+
RUNNABLE 4310 53
Moose to Storm Castle
33 Mile, Class III+ to IV+
TOO LOW 267 29
Polebridge to Big Creek
Class II to III-
RUNNABLE 4430 31
Schafer Meadows to Bear Creek (Upper)
36.97 Mile, Class III+ to IV+
RUNNABLE 4310 53
RUNNABLE 4310 53
Yankee Jim Canyon (Joe Brown to Miner)
11.23 Mile, Class III to III+
TOO LOW 699 27

Streamgauge Profile

Compare streamflow discharge with elevation and stage for gauges across Montana

5 Day Trend

Day to day streamgauge discharge changes for Montana over the past week