Two river waves in Downtown Dayton, Ohio on the Great Miami River. High volume board surfer's right wave and another wave on the left that can get shortboardable at high flows but can be dangerous. Not sure on the cfs flows for the wave... Check with the locals before surfing!


Get the scoop on these waves at: https://www.surfdayton.com/riverscape

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Area Hydrology

Gauge Streamflow Stage
O'Bannon Creek Near Loveland Oh
USGS 03244936
17 cfs 1.2 ft
Twin Creek Near Germantown Oh
USGS 03272000
61 cfs 1.2 ft
Wolf Creek At Dayton Oh
USGS 03271000
165 cfs 2.4 ft
Sevenmile Creek At Camden Oh
USGS 03272700
48 cfs 3.5 ft
Great Miami River At Taylorsville Oh
USGS 03263000
1,920 cfs 4.9 ft
Mad River At West Liberty Oh - 03266560
USGS 03266560
61 cfs 2.9 ft
Stillwater River At Pleasant Hill Oh
USGS 03265000
4,310 cfs 7.1 ft
Woolper Creek At Woolper Road Near Burlington
USGS 03262001
13 cfs 1.3 ft
Great Miami River At Piqua Oh
USGS 03262500
1,090 cfs 2.8 ft
Gunpowder Cr At Camp Ernst Rd Nr Union
USGS 03277075
43 cfs 1.7 ft
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