Appalachian Mountains

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June 5 2023

Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains are a vast mountain range that stretches over 1,500 miles from Alabama to Canada. They formed over 480 million years ago and have played a significant role in American history, serving as a natural barrier for early settlers and Native Americans. The range includes many notable peaks such as Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, and Mount Washington, known for its extreme weather conditions. The Appalachian Mountains are also home to significant hydrological features such as the New River, which is one of the oldest rivers in the world, and the Hudson River, which flows through the heart of New York City. The range has a diverse ecosystem and is home to many unique plant and animal species. Interesting facts about the Appalachian Mountains include the fact that they were once taller than the Himalayas and that they were once located closer to the equator.

Peak Elevation
Seneca Rocks 2200
Buckhorn Knob 4069
Bald Knob 4842
Mount Flume 4327
Mt Hale 4055
Bondcliff 4265
Mount Cardigan 3155
Mount Whiteface 4020
Mount Osceola 4315
North Twin Mountain 4761
South Twin 4902
Mount Bond 4698
Mount Adams 12276
Mount Major 1786
North Pack Monadnock 2276
Mount Carrigain 4700
Mount Monroe 5384
Mount Monadnock 3165
Mt. Jefferson 5716
Mount Pierce 4310
Mt Tecumseh 4003
Mount Isolation 4004
Mount Garfield 5519
Mount Madison 5367
Mount Eisenhower 4780
Mount Field 4341
Mount Washington 6255
Mount Chocorua 3450
Whiteside Mountain 4930
Looking Glass Rock 3969
The Chimneys 3557
Andrews Bald 5860
Mount Jefferson 4683
Mount Pisgah 5721
Roan High Knob 6285
Pilot Mountain 2490
Jane Bald 5807
Mount Mitchell 6684
Shortoff Mountain 2920
Grandfather Mountain 5964
Shining Rock 5940
Beech Mountain 5505
Table Rock 3890
Hump Mountain 5587
Upper Wolf Jaw 4180
Wright Peak 4580
Crane Mountain 3254
Sleeping Beauty 2162
Slide Mountain 4180
Bear Mountain 7931
Lower Wolfjaw Mtn 4177
Tray Mountain 4430
Sassafras Mountain 3226
Springer Mountain 3782
Blood Mountain 4461
Collins mountain 2800
Brasstown Bald 4784
Mount Frissell 2380
Glassy Mountain 1647
Pinnacle Mountain 3415
Clingman's Dome 6643
Buffalo Mountain 3300
Mount LeConte 6593
Blue Knob 3136
Mount Davis 3213
Big Mountain 2458
Hawk Mountain 1533
Martin Hill 2775
Mount Rogers 5729
Apple Orchard Mountain 4225
Old Rag Mountain 3291
Kennedy Peak 2560
The Priest 4063
Cheaha Mountain 2405
Mount Mansfield 4393
Mount Hunger 3540
Mount Ethan Allen 3680
Jay Peak 3858
Beehive 520
Passadumkeag Mountain 1463
Barren Mountain 2671
Big Squaw Mountain 3196
Mount Katahdin 5268
Boarstone Mountain 1947
Dorr Mountain 1265
The Owl 3736
Cadillac Mountain 1533
White Cap Mountain 3644
Dans Mountain 2898
Backbone Mountain 3360
Holt Hill 420

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