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October 2 2023

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Arizona Flow Report

October 2 2023

71% of Normal Streamflow

Streamflow levels across Arizona are currently 71.0% of normal, with the Colorado River At Lees Ferry reporting the highest discharge in the state with 8520cfs and gauge stage of 8.21 ft. Meanwhile, the Gila Gravity Main Canal At Imperial Dam is seeing a spike in streamflows today after experiencing a 162.91% increase since yesterday, and currently running at 1120cfs.

Maximum gauge stage in the state was last observed at the South Gila Terminal Canal Wasteway Nr Yuma, currently reporting a stage of ft. The Verde River Blw Bartlett Dam in the Lower Verde watershed is surging for this time of year at 428cfs, about 145.93% of normal.

Surface Flow Characteristics

Arizona is a state with arid to semi-arid climate conditions. Major surface flows include the Colorado and Gila Rivers, with the former having significant impacts on water supply and hydroelectricity generation. Reservoirs and dams, such as Lake Powell and Hoover Dam, play critical roles in water storage and management. The state's hydrology is primarily influenced by snowmelt from the Rocky Mountains and the monsoon season, which brings heavy rainfall to the region during the summer months. Watershed data indicates that the Salt and Verde Rivers are the primary sources of water for the Phoenix metropolitan area. Climate change is expected to exacerbate water scarcity issues in the region, with reduced snowpack and increased temperatures leading to higher evaporation rates and reduced water availability.

Popular Whitewater Destinations

Floatable River Runs

River Run Status Streamflow (CFS) Air Temp (F)
TOO HIGH 443 83
TOO HIGH 443 83
TOO HIGH 443 83
Grand Canyon
Class III to IV
RUNNABLE 9320 82
TOO LOW 14.9 81
Indian Gardens
Class IV- to IV+
TOO LOW 30.4 76
Kelvin Run
Class I to II-
Lower Salt
Class I
Lower Verde
Class I to II
Upper Salt Daily
Class III to IV

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