Sierra Nevada

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October 4 2023

Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range spans over 400 miles in eastern California and is home to many notable peaks, including Mount Whitney, which is the highest peak in the contiguous United States at 14,505 feet. The range was formed by tectonic activity and glaciers, and it is home to several major rivers, including the Tuolumne, Merced, and Kings Rivers. The Sierra Nevada is also an important source of water for California, with many reservoirs and aqueducts providing water to cities and farmland. The mountain range has a rich history, including the California Gold Rush and the establishment of Yosemite National Park. The range is also home to many species of plants and animals, including the endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep.

Peak Elevation
Mount Darwin 13831
Tioga Peak 11526
Mount Langley 14027
Banner Peak 12947
Mt. Brewer 13570
Folger Peak 9680
Ebbetts Peak 9160
Tryon Peak 9970
Laurel Mountain 11812
Black Kaweah 13675
Mount Williamson 14370
Clouds Rest 9926
Tenaya Peak 10280
Lembert Dome 9450
Hiram Peak 9795
Polemonium Peak 14200
North Palisade 14242
Mount Russell 14086
North Peak 12242
Wheeler Peak 13161
Olancha Peak 12123
Cirque Peak 12900
Norman Clyde Peak 13920
Mount Dade 13600
Mount Ritter 13143
Breckenridge Mountain 7548
Carson Peak 10909
Mount Haeckel 13435
Starlight Peak 14200
Half Dome 8842
Mount Muir 14012
Temple Crag 12999
Mount Tyndall 14018
Bear Creek Spire 13713
Mount Conness 12590
Little Baldy 8044
El Capitan 7569
Mount Irvine 13914
Mount Morgan (South) 13748
Keeler Needle 14260
Clyde Spires 13267
Pyramid Peak 7182
Mount Winchell 13775
Split Mountain 14058
Black Giant 13330
Mount Agassiz 13893
Mt. Gayley 13510
Thunderbolt Peak 14000
Mount Gilbert 13103
Mammoth Mountain 11053
Mount Sill 14153
Mount Guyot 12300
Charlotte Dome 10700
Middle Palisade 14040
Mount Lyell 13114
Bull Run Peak 9495
Clyde Minaret 12281
University Peak 13632
Milestone Mountain 13641
Airola Peak 9942
Mount Tom 7076
Mount Tallac 9735
Mount Abbot 13704
Henery Peak 9334
Echo Peak 8895
Mount Dana 13053
Donner Peak 8019
Mount Humphreys 13986
Chinese Peak 8705
Garnet Peak 5900
Mt. Gibbs 12773
Mount Whitney 14494
Lone Pine Peak 12944
Basin Mountain 13181
Mount Thompson 13494
Matterhorn Peak 12264
Red Lake Peak 10062

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