Oklahoma Reservoirs

Dam Levels Capacity Storage
May 21 2024

oklahoma Reservoir Report

May 21 2024

Location Observation 24hr Change (%) Percent Normal (%) Elevation (ft)
Lake Hefner At Oklahoma City
Oklahoma ID 07159550
74 deg F 2.19 103 1193.92
Lake O' The Cherokees At Langley
Oklahoma ID 07190000
745 ft -0.02 100 742.6
Lake Eucha Near Eucha
Oklahoma ID 07191285
0 in None None 765.24
Spavinaw Lake At Spavinaw
Oklahoma ID 07191300
680 ft 0.01 None 682.24
Lake Hudson Near Locust Grove
Oklahoma ID 07191400
619 ft 0.01 100 598.56
Stanley Draper Lake Near Oklahoma City
Oklahoma ID 07229445
71 deg F 0 102 1180.8
Lake Thunderbird Near Norman
Oklahoma ID 07229900
1,039 ft -0.01 100 1061.47
Canton Lake Near Canton
Oklahoma ID 07238500
1,615 ft 0 100 1615.19
Lake Overholser Near Oklahoma City
Oklahoma ID 07240500
1,241 ft 0 100 1239.84
Lake Altus At Lugert
Oklahoma ID 07302500
1,543 ft 0 100 1539.05
Lake Ellsworth Near Elgin
Oklahoma ID 07308990
1,232 ft 0 100 1229.87
Lake Lawtonka Near Lawton
Oklahoma ID 07309500
1,343 ft 0 100 1344.8
Foss Reservoir Near Foss
Oklahoma ID 07324300
1,641 ft 0 100 1643.28
Fort Cobb Reservoir Near Fort Cobb
Oklahoma ID 07325900
1,342 ft 0 100 1341.52
Scs Pond No. 26 Near Cyril
Oklahoma ID 07327441
15 ft -0.27 99 1339.65
Lake Texoma Near Denison
Oklahoma ID 07331500
614 ft 0 100 620.48
Atoka Reservoir Near Stringtown
Oklahoma ID 07333010
54 deg F 1.3 101 587.12
Mcgee Creek Reservoir Near Farris
Oklahoma ID 07333900
577 ft -0.01 100 593.66

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Largest Reservoirs

By water storage capacity

The USA is home to many of the largest dams in the world, providing essential services such as water storage, hydropower generation, and flood control. Among them, Oroville Dam stands out as the tallest dam in the United States, located in northern California. Another famous dam is the Hoover Dam, located on the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada. It is a major tourist attraction and an engineering marvel of the modern era, providing hydropower and water storage for millions of people.

Other notable dams in the USA include the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona, which is the second-highest concrete arch dam in the country, and the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington, which is the largest electric power-producing facility in the USA. These dams are a critical component of the country's infrastructure, providing essential services for the economy, society, and the environment.

Reservoir Storage Capacity (acre-ft)

Drought Levels

By water storage capacity

The number and distribution of dams and reservoirs in the USA have been significantly impacted by climate change. The changing climate has led to changes in precipitation patterns, increased evaporation rates, and more frequent and severe droughts and floods in certain regions. These factors have influenced the management and operations of dams and reservoirs across the country.

Reservoir Storage Capacity (acre-ft) Percent of Normal (%)

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